Cleaning the LED Head

Clean the LED head if vertical white lines appear, images are faded, or the periphery of letters are smudged in the printouts.


  • Do not use solvents, such as methyl alcohol or thinners, because they may damage the LED head.

  • Do not expose the image drum to direct sunlight or strong light (approximately 1,500 lux or more). Even under room lighting, do not leave the image drum for 5 minutes or more.

  1. Press the button (A) and open the output tray (a) completely.

    Burns may result.

    The fuser unit is extremely hot. Do not touch it.

  2. Wipe the four lenses of the LED heads with a soft tissue paper lightly.

  3. Close the output tray (a) slowly and push the center of the output tray for confirmation.