Adjusting Brightness of the Touch Panel

To change the brightness of the touch panel on the operator panel, perform the procedure below.

You can adjust the brightness of screen during operation and in the Power Save mode respectively.

  1. Press [Device Settings] on the touch panel.

  2. Press or several times, and press [Admin Setup].

  3. Enter the administrator name and password and press [OK].

    The factory default administrator name and password are "admin" and "999999" respectively.

  4. Press [Manage Unit].

  5. Press [System Setup].

  6. Press or several times, and press [Panel Brightness During Operating] or [Panel Brightness While Power Save].

  7. Enter value and press [OK].

    Available values are 1 to 7 when [Panel Brightness During Operating] is set and 0 to 7 when [Panel Brightness While Power Save] is set. The bigger the number is, the brighter the screen gets.