About Descriptions

Marks, symbols, illustrations, and other descriptions are provided.


Unless otherwise specified, this manual uses screenshots of the following screens.

  • For Windows: Windows 7

  • For Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.9

[OKI Printer] may be written as the model name.

Depending on your OS, model or version, the description on this document may be different.

This manual uses the following marks.



Indicates the cautions and restrictions for operating this machine correctly. Be sure to read to ensure that you can operate the machine correctly.

Indicates information that is useful for using this machine. It is recommended to read.

Indicates a reference topic. Read when you need more information.

Indicates a related topic. Read when you need related information.

This section describes symbols and their meaning in this manual.



Illustration (button name)

Indicates a button (button name) on the operator panel of the machine.

[ ]

Indicates a menu name, item name, option, or other items that are displayed on the display screen on the operator panel.

Indicates a menu, window, or dialog name that is displayed on the screen on a computer.

They can be clearly distinguished in descriptions or illustrations in procedures.

" "

Indicates a message on the display screen or entered text.

Indicates a file name on a computer.

Indicates the topic title of a link destination.

< >

Indicates a key on the computer keyboard.


Indicates how to display the required menu of the machine or computer.

The illustrations of C542 are used in this manual as examples.

Illustrations of the display screen on the operator panel used in this manual are with the factory default settings.


The descriptions in this manual may vary depending on your model.