Panel Language Setup (Max OS X)

You can change the display language of the operator panel.

  1. Output a menu map for this machine.

  2. Start the panel language setup utility.

    How to Use This Manual

  3. Select a method of connection.

    If you select [TCP/IP], enter an IP address. You can check the IP address on the menu map output in step 1.

  4. Click [OK].

  5. Check that the "Language Format" value on the menu map and the value on the screen meet the following conditions.

    Condition 1: The first digit of the version is the same.

    Condition 2: The value displayed on the screen must be the same as the "Language Format" value or a newer (higher) one.


    If Condition 1 is not met, the language set cannot be downloaded. If you attempt downloading with Condition 1 not being met, an error is displayed on the operator panel. To recover the error, restart the machine. If Condition 1 is met but Condition 2 is not met, you can use the machine but the names of some settings are displayed in English.

  6. Select a language.

  7. Click [Download].

    The language setting file is sent to the machine, and when sending is complete, a message is displayed.

  8. Restart the machine.