Environment Statement

OKI DATA’s Environmental Initiatives

We are actively engaged in global environmental protection and tree-planting projects.

OKI DATA has been a leader in social contributions as a corporate citizen, product recycling and tackling environmental problems, and we have now made global environmental protection one of our major management priorities. Under the slogan "Be kind to people and cherish nature," we are aligning our trajectories internally to globally develop corporate initiatives for passing on a beautiful, abundant earth to future generations.

We already collect consumables free of charge and recycle them at our recycle center in order to reduce the burden on customers, help the environment and effectively utilize resources, and will further extend the initiative and start creating products that give consideration to saving resources and energy and minimizing the impact on the environment from the stage of product design and development. Our Takasaki and Fukushima facilities in Japan have already obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, and so have our manufacturing facilities in Thailand, the UK and China. In addition, we work to develop products with low energy consumption and manufacture products with low environmental impact, which includes designing for product recycling and making the products more compact.

Solving environmental problems takes ingenuity and creativity, and OKI DATA is tackling environmental problems at the individual employee level as well, from product ideas to collection and recycling processes, taking into account the entire lifecycles of products.

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