Environment Statement

Environmental Vision 2020

The OKI Group will bring about and pass on a better global environment to the next generation. For this purpose, the Group will promote environmental management and implement proactive measures to achieve the objectives for 2020 in the following four themes; “Realization of low-carbon societies”, “Prevention of pollution”, “Resource circulation” and “Biodiversity conservation”.

Realization of low-carbon societies Maximize energy consumption efficiency in the business operations,and reduce energy consumption by 8% per nominal sales (corresponds to 12% reduction per real sales) from fiscal 2012.Contribute to the realization of low-carbon societies by continuously providing environmentally friendly products and services. Prevention of pollution Reduce emission of chemical substances, that can adversely affect people's health and environment, into the atmosphere and water system by 8% per nominal sales (corresponds to 15.5% reduction per real sales) from fiscal 2012.

Resource circulation Increase the amount of recycling of used products by 25% from fiscal 2012. In addition, minimize the new input resources through expanded recycling of waste materials, reduced input material during production and promotion of environmentally friendly designs.

Biodiversity conservation Engage in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through prevention of global warming, prevention of air and water pollution caused by chemical substances, expansion of recycling processes and minimization of new input resources.

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