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Item Type Price Notes
Additional Paper Tray 45478902 Capacity of 530 sheets of 80gsm.
Large Capacity Feeder 45530102 Capacity of 2,000 sheets of 80gsm.
20151214104557855-MEM256G_512D.png/MEM256G_512D.png512 MB RAM 44302207
20151214104557617-MEM256G_512D.png/MEM256G_512D.png512 MB RAM 01182908
160 GB Hard Disk Drive 44622305
Castor base 45478702


Item Type Price Notes
Black Small capacity print cartridge 45488803 18,000 pages *1
20151216000101581-45435104_mk.png/45435104_mk.pngMaintenance kit 45435104 200,000 pages

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19752.

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