Smart SMBs use Smart MFPs

Practical Examples

Smart MFPs can bring a whole range of benefits to your business, from secure access for confidential documents to reducing paper-based costs, all helping to improve the efficiency of your business.

Here are three examples of how smart MFPs can transform document related processes within departments and industry sectors with differing challenges

Accounts Receivable

Companies that currently use pre-printed stationery to prepare and send customer invoices can improve this process by utilising a smart MFP to automate the entire process and respond to growing customer demand for emailed communication rather than mailed hardcopy documents.

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Healthcare - Patient Records

Key hospital staff work in different locations but need to share accurate patient information, often in different formats (x-rays, patient history, prescriptions, etc.) quickly and confidentially. The key benefit smart MFPs can bring to the healthcare service is that all inbound documents are scanned, indexed and stored efficiently.

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Retail - Human Resources

The retail industry moves rapidly and in terms of recruitment, there are many applicants for each job vacancy. smart MFPs can make the process efficient for both applicants and retailers by holding all applicants' information electronically, making it easy to extract relevant information.

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