Protecting Our Planet

Tree-Planting Activities

In June 2015 OKI Data planted 300 mangrove trees along the coast of Chonburi Province in the eastern part of Thailand, where we have a production site. 

Taking place for the eighth consecutive year, 81 employees from OKI Precision (Thailand) took part in this annual event which seeks to help preserve the natural environment.

The mangrove trees which cover an area of 400 m² are expected to provide a rich habitat for many living creatures and help prevent natural disasters caused by tidal waves and tsunamis.

The OKI Group will continue to engage in local environmental protection activities for the sustainable management and protection of forests around the world.

Juvenile Fish Release Event

To celebrate the UN’s World Oceans Day, Oki Electric Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. conducted a juvenile fish release event at Dongshan Pearl Island in Shenzhen (China) to help protect marine ecosystems and contribute to the local region.

Sixty employees and their families participated as volunteers in the event, which involved releasing 150,000 juvenile fish, including Japanese black porgy, butterfish and Japanese sea perch, into Daya Bay off the west coast of the Nan’ao Peninsula.

As the Chinese economy has rapidly developed over recent years so too has concern about the decline in marine species in the region. 

Over development, unregulated fishing activities and contaminated water discharge has caused a substantial change in marine ecosystems and given rise to this concern.

The event was planned in accordance with the OKI Group Environmental Policy and in cooperation with the NPO Blue Ocean Environment Protection Society, focusing specifically on biodiversity protection and sustainable usage. 

On the day of the event, the fish were released under the direction of specialists at Dongshan Pearl Island, which had been designated by Shenzhen’s Municipality Oceanic Administration. 

The activity sought to raise awareness and to help improve the protection of the marine’s ecosystem.

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