OKI's Environmental Programme - Vision 2020

The OKI Group is helping create a better global environment for future generations. The group will actively promote environmental protection and implement proactive measures to achieve its objectives by 2020 across four key themes: “realisation of low-carbon societies”, “prevention of pollution”, “resource circulation” and “biodiversity conservation”.

Realisation of low-carbon societies

To maximise energy efficiency across business operations, while reducing energy consumption and achieving low-carbon societies by continuously providing environmentally-friendly products and services.

Prevention of pollution

To reduce the emission of chemical substances that can adversely affect the health of individuals and cause damage to the environment.

Resource circulation

Since 2012, the group has been working to increase the volume of products which can be recycled by 25%. In addition,  OKI is looking to expand the recycling of waste materials, while actively promoting environmentally friendly designs.

Biodiversity conservation

To engage in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity to help the prevention of global warming and prevention of air and water pollution caused by chemical substances, while further expanding recycling processes.

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