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Microsoft에서 Windows XP에 대한 지원이 종료되었으며 이후 개발된 OKI 프로그램은 Windows XP에서의 작동을 보장하지 않습니다.

프린터 드라이버를 찾을 수없는 경우 OS 호환 페이지를 참조하십시오.

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PS Printer Driver

버젼: 1.0.0

크기: 721.1 KB

This is a PS printer driver.

운영체제: OS X 10.7; Mac OS X 10.6; Mac OS X 10.5; Mac OS X 10.4


Printer Driver Updater (PS)

버젼: 15.0.1

크기: 8.5 MB

This update is for macOS 10.15.The structure is as follows.
(1)Contains an update module that enables the printer driver on macOS 10.15.Please apply after installing printer driver.
- Installation requires computer administrator privileges.
- Please re-add the printer after updating the printer driver.
After clicking the "Add" button, please do not press the "Configure" button on "Setting up the device" screen and wait until the operation is completed.
(2)Contains the uninstaller for macOS 10.15.

운영체제: macOS 10.15



Panel Language Setup

버젼: 3.1.1

크기: 1.1 MB

This software changes the language of the device's LCD display panel from the default setting.

운영체제: macOS 10.14; macOS 10.13; macOS 10.12; OS X 10.11; OS X 10.10; OS X 10.9; OS X 10.8; OS X 10.7; Mac OS X 10.6; Mac OS X 10.5; Mac OS X 10.4; Mac OS X 10.3



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