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From floorplans and CAD drawings to CAM blueprints and site plans, architectural, engineering and construction firms (AEC) rely on large-format MFPs to print, scan, copy, distribute and archive industry documents quickly and easily. 

To maximise productivity and speed-up communications, large-format MFPs need to be fast, reliable and offer the flexibility to connect to customer networks, producing clear, comprehensible output with advanced features that streamline everyday workflow.

Key challenges

  • Traditional large-format printers and plotters can be unreliable and lack important features that support efficient workflow, wasting time for skilled professionals
  • Clients need fast access to the latest designs but not all large-format printers can connect with customer networks and distribute designs electronically
  • Large format engineering printers often have a large footprint to match, taking up valuable space
  • Poor quality print output can make complex designs hard to decipher and lack important technical detail, delaying and negatively impacting client decisions  

How OKI can help improve your business

Maximise uptime and productivity

Working to tight deadlines, AEC professionals need reliable equipment to maintain productivity. 

Designed for minimal user intervention, OKI’s large-format LED printers have a strong reputation for reliability in the CAD/CAM and AEC industries, with an easy-to-use colour touch control panel, user-replaceable temperature-controlled drum (as a process cartridge unit easy to change without extra service cost) and long-life charge wire that maximises uptime. 

Other advanced features include automatic roll paper width detection, simple drag-and-drop operation and batch print function, job control, user authentication for document confidentiality and time-saving folding and stacking capabilities. 

To maximise the productivity a hardware interface to connect folding and finishing machines is available to produce in-line from the paper roll to the finished folded and punched construction drawing.

Ensure clear communication and connection to customer networks

Good communication with clients requires clear, readable documents that bring detailed CAD/CAM and other plans and drawings to life. 

Going beyond the functionality of alternative printers and plotters, OKI large-format MFPs enable professionals to send scanned PDF data directly to a shared folder, making them ideal for archiving and seamless electronic communication with customer networks. 

Powerful software enables multi-purpose installation in the network, including setting different group rights to manage high production requirements for handling different cost centres. 

Maximise valuable office space with small footprint devices

Many large-format printers and plotters take up a lot of valuable space. 

At up to 40% smaller than many competitive models, OKI large-format MFPs feature front-facing paper operations, enabling them to be positioned against a wall and located in small workspaces. 

To align with folding and finishing machines for higher productivity OKI large-format MFPs also offer solutions with back-facing paper output.

Guarantee clarity and understanding with high-quality monochrome output


Large format documents are essential for internal and external approvals. 

Too often however, AEC firms are limited by their print output, meaning business stakeholders and clients don’t see the full picture. OKI’s large-format MFPs deliver exceptional LED monochrome clarity creating clear, detailed output, even at fast print speeds. 

An advanced dual-light CIS system improves scanning quality for paper with folds or wrinkles, while a long-page printing capability of up to 20m provides a complete view of large printing constructions. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • OKI large-format printers keep busy AEC professionals productive with a reliable design, user-replaceable consumables and easy-to-use colour touch control panel
  • Send scanned PDF data directly to a shared folder or distribute directly to customer networks. Powerful software enables multi-purpose installation in the network, including setting different group rights which also manages differing cost centre requirements
  • Save valuable office space with OKI’s compact large-format printers
  • Ensure clients and business stakeholders get the full picture with exceptional LED monochrome output, together with a long-page printing capability of up to 20m

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