Eco-friendly Technology- Protecting Our Environment

Reuse and Recycling

OKI promotes efforts to lengthen the life of components, reduce parts that go to waste, and develop products that simplify disassembly and reuse.

In 2006 we achieved an overall recyclable ratio for products of 74%, and have reduced the number of materials used in order to make reuse and recycling easier. 

We have also developed material labelling in line with ISO 11469 to further promote product recycling.

Conserving Resources

OKI works to conserve resources in both its hardware and software development by making products more compact, improving technologies for consumables, and continually improving printer drivers.

OKI’s proprietary digital LED technology reduces the amount of plastic used in printers and makes them more compact. 

In addition, the duplex printing function of our printers reduces paper usage and the toner saving function reduces toner consumption and so lessens the impact on the environment.

Furthermore, OKI’s page printers are designed to be able to separate the toner from the drum, which have different replacement schedules. 

This ensures full use of the lifespan of each drum and reduces possible waste caused by disposing of drums that could still be used.

Conserving Energy

OKI develops products in line with the International ENERGY STAR Program in order to conserve global resources and help prevent global warming.

OKI’s LED technology  generates ample light on very little power, which saves energy and supports environmental protection.

With print speed also impacting on energy consumption, OKI has developed a micro-capsule toner in order to limit energy consumed by printing, and it reduces energy consumption substantially compared to conventional toner.

OKI’s printers also come with deep sleep mode and eco mode for reducing energy consumption when the printers are not in operation which helps save energy and conforms to the International ENERGY STAR Program.

Simple Waste Processing

Simplifying recycling involves minimising the amount of time and the number of steps it takes to disassemble products. OKI’s simple product designs accelerate this process.

Environmental Protection

OKI has established internal systems and conduct measures in order to comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), the EU’s environmental regulations for products. 

We also intend to continue steadily reducing use of polyvinyl chloride.

Extended Use

By extending the life of our products and consumables we help save and conserve our own and global resources.

Packaging Materials

OKI has developed standards for packaging materials equivalent to product development standards and, as of 2000, have used 100% recyclable packaging.

Information Disclosure

OKI makes a wide variety of information on our environmental protection initiatives and achievements public. 

Through active exchange of information we will work to develop even more highly reliable technologies and products in the future.

Office Environment

OKI’s printers reflect the high value we place on the office environments in which they are used. 

They are designed to meet governmental standards for electromagnetic noise and safety, and keep noise to a minimum while in operation.

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