24 Pin Dot Matrix Printers


  • ML395 3-4 LEFT
  • ML395 3-4 FRONT
  • ML395 3-4 RIGHT
  • ML395 REAR

The robust, high-speed ML395 is well-suited to high-volume data processing, easily and efficiently printing multiple copies of listings, shipping documents, labels and other tasks using heavy media.


The ML395 high speed 24-pin dot matrix printer is ideally suited to high-volume data processing requirements. Capable of printing multiple, high-quality copies, it races through printing listings, shipping documents, labels and heavy media output with ease.

High speed printing - Fast results ideal for high-volume printing

The ML395 consistently delivers high speed, high quality output, making it ideal for high volume production of invoices, picking lists, labels, shipping documents and spreadsheets.

  • 136 column dot matrix printers
  • Up to 607 characters per second (cps) super-fast print speed

Flexible media handling - Clean paper tear-off and automatic positioning

The ML395 top-feeds cut sheet paper with an on-board rear push tractor as standard to feed, single or multipart, continuous paper. Zero-tear functionality eliminates wastage between forms by automatically advancing a printed page to the perforation where it can be torn off cleanly and precisely. The efficient device then automatically positions the next page ready for printing.

  • Multi-part paper handling (original + 3 copies)
  • Zero-tear with auto forms advance

Hard wearing design - Robust, heavy duty motors and powerful drive circuits

Consistently delivering strong, efficient performance for businesses in a wide range of industries, the robust, hard-wearing ML395 features heavy duty motors, powerful drive circuits and a variety of emulations for multiple software applications.

  • Proven reliability even in hostile environments, heavy duty word and data processing tasks
  • 5 million character mono ribbon life
  • Epson LQ, IBM ProPrinter X24E/X24E AGM emulations

High quality results - 24-pin print head delivers quality graphics and crisp, clear text

Fast, efficient with high quality results, the ML395 features a long life 24-pin print head, delivering superb quality graphics and crisp, clear Letter Quality (LQ) text.

  • Heavy duty 24-pin print head
  • Scalable barcodes and text fonts built-in
  • 5 million character mono ribbon life
  • High speed, letter quality output

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