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  • Pro9431 DM +2ND TRAY + HCF 3-4 WITH PRINT_330H
  • Pro9431 DM +2ND TRAY + HCF 3-4 WITH BANNER_330H

Connected to medical imaging equipment, the Pro9431 DMe A3 colour and mono DICOM-embedded printer produces high-quality non-diagnostic images on a wide range of media. Also suitable for day-to-day A4/A3 office printing such as letters, forms and medical reports.


A first in medical imaging and printing With the Pro9431 DMe you can now print medical imaging on standard media formats in vibrant HD Colour and in sizes up to A3+. From X-rays to nuclear medicine scans, to ultrasounds, these images can now be easily printed for your own non-diagnostic use, or for patients to keep. The Pro9431 DMe presents a cost-effective solution for clinics, dental surgeries, veterinary practices and hospitals.

Pro9431 Print Sample

Medical imaging - X-rays, nuclear medicine, scans and ultrasound printing                                                

Printing medical imaging including nuclear medicine, CT/MRI scans, ultrasounds and x-rays cost effectively on standard media formats in vibrant, HD colour and in sizes up to A3+, the Pro9431 DMe is suitable for use in dental practices.

  • Up to 5 simultaneous imaging equipment connections
  • Recommended usage - Nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI/CT scans, x-rays
  • No additional external hardware or software required

Digital LED technology - High-quality non-diagnostic medical images

Combining the cost effectiveness and high-quality output of an LED printer, the high-performance Pro9431 DMe DICOM-embedded A3 colour printer prints sharp, non-diagnostic images in HD mono and colour on a wide range of media.

  • High-quality non-diagnostic mono and colour printing of medical images
  • ProQ4800 Multi-level technology, 1200 x 1200dpi resolution
  • Auto Colour Balance, Photo Enhance via Driver
  • Specific colour and mono rendering optimised for medical images
  • Handles media from A6 to A3+ and A3 wide 1200mm banners, from 64 to 300gsm

DICOM-embedded - Print directly from medical equipment

Printing directly from medical equipment, without the need for conversion software or external print servers, the cost of producing medical images in High Definition mono or colour with the fast, DICOM-embedded Pro9431 DMe network printer is significantly lower compared with traditional DICOM printing technologies.

  • Fully-integrated DICOM print server
  • No additional external hardware or software required
  • Recommended DICOM printing usage up to 25,000 pages/month

Combined use - One device for office and medical printing requirements    

  • Energy-efficient equipment, standard printer consumables
  • Maximum paper capacity up to 2,950 sheets of 80gsm

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