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Situation of the OKI Group following the earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku in Japan


OKI today announced the situation of the OKI Group following the earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku in Japan.

Egham, 17 March, 2011

On March 11, a major earthquake hit the north-east of Japan triggering a tsunami that has caused extensive damage and loss of life in the area. OKI extends its heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this disaster and our thoughts go out to those suffering in its aftermath.

No significant injuries have been reported to OKI’s employees. Most of its operations have been relatively unaffected. However, the production site in Fukushima, which manufactures certain printers and consumables for the Japanese market, has unfortunately experienced some damage. Although manufacturing operations at the Fukushima site were suspended after the quake, they have partially resumed as of March 16.

The company is monitoring the situation on an on-going basis, while at the same time, examining the most effective measures for a full-scale recovery.

In response to this, OKI has established an Earthquake Disaster Recovery Task Force at its headquarters on March 11 which the President, Hideichi Kawasaki serves as the Task Force Chief. The Task Force will gather information on its Group employees, family and sites near the disaster- affected area and will take related measures.

The OKI Group will make every effort for a quick recovery of social infrastructure systems such as electricity, water, gas and hospitals to support the areas affected by the disaster.

Our thoughts are with the people affected by the disaster and we will support the customers and the afflicted area to enable them to begin the reformation process.

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