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New ML5700eco Series delivers market-leading print speeds to strengthen OKI Printing Solutions’ position in SIDM


OKI’s near-50 year SIDM heritage takes high-volume impact print sector to new levels of environmental performance

Egham, Surrey, UK, February2011

Industrial and general office users will benefit substantially from OKI Printing Solutions’ near-50 year heritage in SIDM (Serial Impact Dot Matrix) technology with the launch of the new ML5700eco Series.

The result of this unrivalled technical expertise is a new range of printers which takes the mature SIDM market to new levels of performance, especially in the areas of print speeds and reduced environmental impact. “And users can be certain that all these gains remain underpinned by OKI’s outstanding robustness and reliability, essential in the tougher work environments in which many SIDM printers operate,” says Matt Jones, product manager, OKI Printing Solutions, EMEA.

Speed, reliability and flexibility

The new range is a dramatic step forward from the earlier ML5500 Series which it replaces and represents the company’s strongest ever offering in this important, volume market. The ML5700eco range consists of four models:
  • The ML5720eco and wide carriage ML5721eco 9-pin are designed for environments where fast printing, reliability and flexible paper handling are of paramount importance
  • The ML5791eco and wide carriage ML5791eco 24-pin are ideally suited to those applications where superior quality text is essential.  Scalable fonts ensure better print delivery, with ‘letter quality’ output for customer receipts

Both the ML5720eco and ML5790eco Series offer market leading print speeds - 700 characters per second (ML5720eco/5721eco) and 576 characters (ML5790eco/5791eco) in meeting the needs of busy working environments.

The improved Mean Time Between Failure (MBTF) of 25,000 hours also reinforces the robustness of the ML5700eco range in supporting challenging static and mobile environments such as production, vehicle repair and service centres, warehouses, laboratories, freight forwarders and truck cabs. Equally, the small footprint of the ML5700eco Series is ideal for businesses where space is at a premium, such as the front desk of banks, travel agents, stations or doctors surgeries.

Whether printing invoices, spreadsheets, continuous or multi-part documents, tickets, receipts or forms, the new OKI SIDM printers from OKI Printing Solutions ensure maximum uptime and low cost per page.

Eco benefits

SIDM Eco logo 150x150

Another area where OKI Printing Solution’s unmatched heritage in SIDM technology has proved especially valuable is in the new level of environmental performance achieved by the new ML5700eco Series printers.

Consumables have an extended life, with the ribbon for example lasting for 8 million characters (ML5790/1) and 13 million characters (ML5720/1) and the print head up to 400 million characters. The new printers also use less energy overall than any major competitor, with sleep mode of just 1.5W, and are supported by OKI Printing Solutions’ unique three-year warranty.

“By reducing energy usage in this way, users will also save money – a perfect win/win outcome,” says Jones. “The overall result is that the new ML5700eco Series represents a a remarkable step forward in meeting the needs of a highly demanding market.”

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Notes to Editors:

About the ML5700eco Series

Product specification/features

Four models:

ML5720eco and wide carriage ML5721eco 9-pin

ML5790eco and wide carriage ML5791eco 24-pin


700 characters per second (ML5720eco/5721eco), 576 characters (ML5790eco/5791eco)

Up to 7-part forms

Four paper paths

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF):

25,000 hours

Ribbon life:

8 million characters (ML5720eco/5721eco), 13 million characters (ML5790/5791eco)

Print head life:

Up to 400 million characters

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