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Yume Pro Yume Pro

Yume Pro

Toshiyuki Yokota
Executive Officer
Head of Corporate Infrastructure Group
Head of Government & External Relations Division
Chief Innovation Officer

Toshiyuki Yokota

OKI launches "Yume Pro"

OKI, a Japanese high tech company, proudly announces the launch of "Yume Pro " today. The word "Yume ", means "dream " in Japanese. The corporate slogan of OKI is "Open up your dreams ", which means that OKI contributes to unlock solutions for our customer’s challenges. The word "Pro " is taken from our three main objectives, Program, Project, and Professional. In order to accelerate our activities based on our slogan, we started Yume Pro. Mr. Toshiyuki Yokota, Chief Innovation Officer is going to take leadership with the newly established IPD, Innovation Promotion Department, within the Corporate Infrastructure Group, and he will be responsible for this project.

There are three characteristics for Yume Pro. Firstly, the project takes a different approach from our traditional innovation model and focuses on OKI’s corporate mission and the value of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to find opportunities where OKI can contribute. As we assume each target objective is very complicated and difficult to overcome, key partners will be essential to our success. We aim to proactively find these innovation partners and build up our innovation team.

Secondly, to find solutions and solve problems with our partners, OKI will organize customized seminars and workshops for them. Through Yume Pro, our goal is for OKI to be acknowledged as "a dependable innovation partner ".

Finally, Yume Pro enables a lean start up method. Since IPD has its own budget and quality guarantee system, each team within the OKI group, such as R&D, manufacturing, and customer relations, can commit to Yume Pro, and therefore we are able to accelerate any project that comes to us.

We look forward to working with potential innovation partners and making joint contributions to achieving SDGs.



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