Sustainability of the OKI Group For Shareholders and Investors

OKI Group's Investor Relations Activities

The OKI Group appropriately discloses useful information to shareholders and investors in a timely manner, including corporate information, management strategies and operating results. The purposes of our IR activities are to improve management transparency, build trust with our shareholders and investors, and thus improve our corporate value. Our dedicated IR unit leads these activities proactively.

The Group also makes every effort to facilitate fair disclosure in order to protect shareholders and investors, and help ensure the integrity of securities markets. We will further promote the disclosure of information in a responsive and appropriate manner while complying with the revisions of the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We are striving to deliver easily understood information more quickly.

Greater Communication with Institutional Investors

Fully aware that managing efficiency and corporate value improvements are linked to receptiveness of market needs that can be made use of appropriately in management and business activities, our management team at OKI.starting with the pursuing all forms of communication with institutional investors and analysts, such as interacting with them at financial result/management briefings and IR meetings.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working to enhance constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors with a focus on remote communication by holding online briefings and individual web and teleconference meetings.

Communication via Our IR Website and OKI e-mail Newsletter

We at OKI are posting on our website Japanese and English versions of a diverse range of IR information, like financial result data, to ensure that we maintain an open and fair disclosure of IR information, and we continue to improve the site to make it easier for our investors to navigate.

Awards for the OKI Group IR website
  • Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd. "FY 2021 All Japanese Listed Companies' Website Ranking" : AAA
  • BroadBand Security, Inc. "Gomez IR Site Comprehensive Ranking 2021": Bronze prize
  • Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd. "Internet IR Award 2021": Commendation Award

We compile filing information for Tokyo Stock Exchange and financial result information, press releases on new products and services and updates of information on our IR site, and send out as required the compiled data in e-mails in Japanese and English to institutional investors and others.

Addressing Fair Disclosure

In order to protect shareholders and investors and gain the trust of securities markets, we in the OKI Group clearly state in our OKI Group Code of Conduct that we will neither buy nor sell stock or other securities based on insider information, nor provide any such information to other parties.

We established disclosure policy and made it public on our website.

Reports on misuse of public research funds and misconduct related to research
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