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Promoting CSR Procurement

“OKI Group Procurement Policies” reflect three basic points: “We will select suppliers in a fair and honest manner,” “We will promote procuring activities that incorporate the concepts of CSR,” and “In addition to pursuing appropriate levels of quality and cost, we will work to ensure a stable procurement of materials.” Based on the OKI Group Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook*1, we implement CSR procurement surveys both in Japan and overseas.

Based on the results of surveys carried out thus far in Japan, we place our suppliers and business partners into groups and regularly check up on the progress of their initiatives. In fiscal year 2018, we conducted self-assessment surveys of six overseas suppliers that had not been surveyed so far. We provide survey findings to each supplier as a form of feedback and request them to make necessary corrections.

  • *1 : Our guidebook conforms to the “Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook” of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

OKI Group Procurement Policies

List of Requests for suppliers

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and societal norms
    • Compliance with laws and regulations related to production and sale of materials, environmental laws and regulations, laws and regulations related to product safety, laws and regulations related to labor, occupational health and safety, and other laws and regulations
    • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
    • Prohibition of discrimination by race, gender, or other characteristic
    • Realizing a safe and sanitary working environment
    • Prohibition of deviation from fair business practices
  2. Environmental considerations
  3. Sound and stable business management
  4. Appropriate levels of quality and cost, and stable supply
  5. Appropriate management and protection of information
  6. Cooperation for continuous supply
  7. Basic policy for conflict minerals
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