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Initiatives for Work-Style Reforms

In order for the OKI Group to survive in the market, innovation with new ideas not confined to conventional methods is required. Talented human resources will be attracted to a company that creates such high added value. Unfortunately, the current state of OKI is one where we cannot say the Company has been able to respond adequately, and there is a strong concern that if we do not change now, we will not be able to win market competition, or attract human resources. The OKI Group is working on work-style reforms with a growing sense of crisis like this.

Basic Policy on Work-Style Reforms

The OKI Group's vision for work-style reforms, is to build an organization that responds flexibly to changes and creates high added value. As a result of employees acting with autonomy to produce efficient and stable results (revenue), and by maximizing the unique strengths of the Company to contribute to society, both the Company and its employees can hold hopes for the future, grow together, and realize their dreams.

The basic policy for achieving work-style reform is to change behavior, awareness, and frameworks, and improve productivity. Firstly, changing behavior produces the impetus to get out of everyday habits and create an opportunity to look at one's work from a new perspective. From there, clear objectives and goals can be set, and concrete measures can be implemented to achieve them, leading to improved productivity to realize the vision.

Sharing Initiatives at Every Workplace

In addition to pushing forwards with systems and facilities, such as creating a telework system and integrating internal tools to make it work and creating satellite offices to make more efficient use of business space within the Group, we are promoting initiatives arranged by each department within the Group. We improved efficiencies taking into account the business characteristics of each workplace, by solving all sorts of issues such as shortening meeting times, sharing design expertise, and visualizing various management tasks. Furthermore, all workplace initiatives are in turn released on the intranet and rolled out across the whole Group.

A work-style reform project site on the intranet

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