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About RSS

The OKI website delivers latest news and through RSS (*1) feeds. Registering the URLs below in a RSS reader (*2) will give you access to the latest OKI information.

  • *1RSS (RDF Site Summary)
    RSS is the metadata of a website’s title, summary, and other information structured in an XML-based format. RSS is used to release updated information on blogs and news websites.
  • *2A RSS reader is a software tool that regularly downloads RSS feeds and displays the most recent articles. RSS readers are provided as a web-based service and also as client-side software. Generally, the RSS reader will obtain all updated data and client-side software will sort this data into folders by article content.

Notes on RSS Use

  • The OKI website utilizes RSS version 1.0.
  • Note that the RSS feed service and/or the content provided is subject to change or discontinuation at any time.
  • OKI is unable to respond to inquiries regarding third-party software, including RSS readers. Please contact the software provider directly.

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