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Serverless Media Distribution


In organizations where work takes place in multiple office locations, informal communication that occurs casually at one location is difficult to convey to another. This creates information gaps between locations and lowers organizational engagement (relationship quality).
OKI is developing an easy-to-use serverless media distribution technology that allows multitude of workers to mutually view remote locations and start conversations casually and instantly so that active informal communication can be triggered even in a distributed office environment.
Through the use of this technology, the organization’s multiple departments (including teleworking environment) can be integrated virtually allowing workers to always remain in touch with each other. The technology can also be applied to multipoint conferences and live broadcasts.


OKI has devised a media distribution method that can be applied to live viewing and video conferencing by combining its own unique Application-Level Multicast (ALM) method with the WebRTC standard (*1) for exchanging media between browsers enabling the viewing of remote locations and holding casual conversations.
This method detects the terminal location, capability, network quality, and user's region of interest, and dynamically controls the media route and quality. Moreover, no special terminal software is required since the terminal functions are provided via a web browser.
These features eliminate the need for media relay servers and drastic network enhancement, and allow OKI to lead industry in providing an investment-effective communication environment that is easy to implement from a small scale.

  • *1 API for real-time communication proposed by W3C allows real-time communication between web browsers without plug-ins. (external website)

Illustration of Media Distribution (viewing remote location)

Illustration of Media Distribution (viewing remote location) Image

Example of Conference Application

Example of Conference Application Image

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