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OKI Develops 8K Endoscope Optical Hybrid Cable

20% weight reduction helps reduce burdens on medical staff

TOKYO, September 8, 2020 -- The OKI Group's electric cable business, OKI Electric Cable (CEO: Kazunari Kobayashi, head office: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture), has developed an Optical Hybrid cable for use in the world's first 8K endoscope(*1) developed by Air Water Biodesign Inc. (CEO: Keita Hara, head office: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture). In addition to providing flexibility and durability, the cable is 20% lighter than previous products. The shipment will begin this year. The sales target for fiscal year 2021 is JPY 50 million, including expansion into other fields.

Optical Hybrid cable

8K endoscope camera (left) and simulated surgical image using the 8K endoscope camera (right)
(Images come courtesy of Air Water Biodesign Inc.)

The use of 8K endoscopes for medical applications marks a revolutionary step forward and has drawn attention worldwide. The technology makes it possible to display and clearly view affected areas on large monitors, making it significantly easier to identify capillary blood vessels and nerves. 8K endoscopes also reduce burdens on both medical staff and patients by improving the precision of incisions and suturing and reducing the time required for surgical procedures.

The newly developed Optical Hybrid cable features reduced weight to facilitate handling by medical staff when the endoscope is held. Increased flexibility also reduces repellent force of the cables, making endoscopes easier to maneuver. In developing this compact cable integrating broadband optical fiber cable capable of transmitting high-speed, high-precision 8K video signals, metal electrical wires for powering and controlling endoscopes, and air tubes for cooling high-temperature 8K imaging modules, OKI Electric Cable drew on its expertise amassed in the development of robot cables. External jacket incorporating lightweight coil cores(*2) ensures rigidity while reducing weight and improving flexibility and durability.

OKI Electric Cable is committed to ongoing improvements to the product in the areas of weight and flexibility while expanding applications to help develop products targeting not just the healthcare market, but markets with growing requirements for high-precision imaging, including broadcasting and vehicle-mounted equipment.


  • *1 :8K endoscope

    Medical endoscope capable of capturing ultrahigh definition images (7,680 x 4,320)

  • *2 :External jacket with lightweight coil cores

    Cable jacket incorporating integrated reinforcing coils of lightweight material to provide resistance to external pressure while maintaining flexibility

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