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OKI Builds Levee to Help Protect the Environment in Thailand

Levee under construction
Levee under construction

TOKYO, October 17, 2019 -- OKI Data, the OKI Group's printer business company, announced today that it finished building a levee in the Huai Khun Nam Forest in Lamphun Province, northern Thailand, on September 23, as part of efforts to protect the environment and contribute to communities in Thailand, where it operates various production facilities. Fifty people from Oki Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter OPNT), which manufactures dot matrix printer heads, took part in this activity.

For this activity, OPNT participated in a social contribution activity organized by the secretariat of an industrial park in northern Thailand. OPNT has traditionally taken a proactive stance toward environmental activities. This marks the second levee OPNT has helped build. The levee contributes to forest conservation by retaining water and nutrients within the forest. It is also expected to help prevent forest fires.

"To date, OPNT's activities to contribute to local communities have included planting trees in coastal and other areas and cleaning waterways near the plant," said OPNT President Kitabatake. "We also donate funds to schools attended by local children."

The OKI Group plans to maintain environmental protection activities rooted in local communities, in cooperation with national governments and other organizations, as part of efforts to conserve the natural environment and to help realize sustainable societies.

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