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OKI Promotes "Environment" and "Management" Integration

Releases Environmental Report 2018

OKI Group Environmental Report 2018_cover

TOKYO, November 27, 2018 -- OKI (TOKYO: 6703) today released its OKI Group Environmental Report 2018, a compilation of its environmental efforts during fiscal year 2017. The report is published annually to present to our stakeholders concepts, overviews, major initiatives, and data related to OKI Group environmental management. The document is scheduled to be published on the OKI website at noon, JST.

The OKI Group regards environmental management as an integration of its business management activities and environmental management activities. OKI is pursuing environmental management throughout the supply chain in Japan and overseas, and is working to reduce environmental impact while ensuring business merits at each stage of the product life cycle(*).

At production sites, this leads to energy-saving/resource conservation from the viewpoint of reduction of environmental impact and directly links to the reduction of production cost from the perspective of benefits for business. Also, at the stage of product usage by the customer, it ties directly to the reduction of production costs. At the customer usage stage, we broadly classify products into those that cycle between standby and startup, such as ATMs and printers, and those that operate continually such as communication equipment. The "Environmental Report 2018" addresses a broad range of life-cycle environmental management case studies in Japan and overseas.

As one example, OKI Electric Industry (Shenzhen) (OSZ) in Shenzhen, China, which manufactures such products as OKI Group's ATMs, cooperated with suppliers to change the cardboard packaging of procured parts to a returnable plastic box. This succeeded in halving the usage of cardboard. Additionally, the form of the returnable box has been shaped to enable the opened box to be placed into the production line as is, thereby reducing the cost of parts management.

Moving forward, the OKI Group is committed to pursuing various efforts to improve operating efficiency, visualizing relevant information, and promoting environmental legal compliance. Beyond this, OKI is constantly seeking to strengthen corporate value by improving its environmentally friendly products and securing business opportunities.

Outlined below are the highlights of the Environmental Report 2018:

  • Basic Policy for Environmental Management
  • Integration of "Environment" and "Management"
    • Linking Day-to-day Improvements to Reduction of Environmental Impact
  • Cross-sectional Environmental Management Activities Based on Site Characteristics
    • Promotion of Activities from Comprehensive and Individual Perspectives
  • Environmental Management Conducted from a Life-cycle Perspective
    • Resource Conservation Activities Proceeding at Overseas Plants
      • Collaboration with Suppliers - Cardboard Usage Halved
      • Streamlining of Resource Input by 60% - Creation of "Katsu Space"
    • Activities to Prevent Global Warming According to Site Characteristics
      • 90% Energy Savings in Continuously Operating Equipment
      • Visualization of Operational Status - 90% Energy Savings by Mode Switching by Mode Switching
    • Reduction of Chemical Substance Emissions
      • Reduction of Chemical Substances by Innovation of Manufacturing Method
      • Reduction of Harmful Chemical Substance Emissions
    • Contributing to Energy-savings for Customers through Environment-friendly Design
      • ATM: 1.5 Times the Processing Speed, Half the Power Consumption during Standby
    • Adaption to Climate Change
      • Realization of Zero Energy and Wireless Water-level Monitoring for Rivers

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  • *In this report, "life-cycle" refers to the sequence of processes corresponding to the "lifetime of a product". The perspective considers the total environmental impact in "design and development → procurement of raw materials and parts → production → transportation → use of product by customers and users → disposal/recycling of used products etc."
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  • * Information in the press releases is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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