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OKI releases "High performance USB3 Vision-compliant active optical cables", featuring a transmission distance of up to 40 meters

Offering super small diameter and enhanced noise resistance to meet advanced reliability requirements

High performance USB3 Vision-compliant
active optical cables

TOKYO, July 9, 2018 -- OKI Electric Cable (President: Kazunari Kobayashi, Head Office: Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken), the electric cable business division of the OKI Group, commenced sales of the new "High performance USB3 Vision-compliant(*1) active optical cables(*2)". These new cables have the smallest diameter in the class, and yet offer twice the transmission distance over conventional models (up to 40 meters), as well as enhanced noise resistance. OKI Electric Cable aims to expand these cables into emerging technology markets with high precision requirements, such as medical diagnostic imaging and autonomous driving. OKI Electric Cable started shipping the new cables on 14 May, 2018.

USB3 Vision is the interface standard for USB3.0(*3) which was newly developed for "machine vision(*4)" systems to be used to check the product appearance and printing defects using image data. USB3 Vision's data transfer speed is 10 times faster than the widely used USB2.0; and it is a widespread camera interface for machine vision systems today. However, the USB3.0 cables have a maximum transmission distance of 3 meters due to increased attenuation in the metallic cable caused by higher transmission speeds, making them unsuitable in applications that require a longer transmission distance.

OKI Electric Cable has previously sold "USB3 Vision-compatible active optical cables" that were aimed at moderating USB3 Vision's transmission distance restriction, combining electrical-optical signal conversion module with optical fiber to deliver a transmission distance of up to 20 m. The cables were well received by our customers, as they helped significantly reduce the wiring constraints in applications that require long-distance transmission of high-definition images, such as large mounters (component mounting equipment) and visual inspection systems.

The new "High performance "USB3 Vision-compatible active optical cables" are approx. 30% thinner in diameter, and yet offer twice the transmission distance over conventional models (up to 40 meters), as well as enhanced noise resistance. The cables have also passed the EFT/B test(*5) level 4 (JIS C61000-4, applied voltage: 2kV), delivering higher performance with superior practical utility and reliability. The reduced diameter of these cables offers superior workability during installation and maintenance as well as contributing to equipment miniaturization and weight reduction. Moreover, the cables feature twice the maximum transmission distance over conventional models to support use in large-scale machinery and/or remote monitoring. Noise resistance has also been improved in these cables, making them more suitable for applications in medical diagnostic imaging and autonomous driving where a high degree of reliability is absolutely essential. OKI Electric Cable will continue to actively develop machine vision cables to accommodate the diversifying customer needs.


  • Maximum transmission distance 40m

    Twice as long as our conventional products.

  • Noise resistance

    Passed the JIS C61000-4.4 EFT/B test level 4 (Peak voltage: 2kV or greater)
    Signals are transmitted using optical fiber tolerant to electromagnetic noise.

  • Smallest diameter in the class

    Standard outer cable diameter 4.8mm
    Smallest diameter in the industry for active optical cables that require no external
    power supply. (according to our research)

  • Movement durability

    Over one million times in sliding fatigue test. (Bending radius R = 70mm)

  • No external power supply required

    Can be powered by the USB bus

  • Features a screw lock to ensure highly reliable connection.

Comparison to conventional products

Type New products Conventional product Competitor product
High performance type Standard type Small-diameter type
Outer diameter Standard 4.8mm Standard 7.0mm Standard 5.8mm Standard 5.1mm
Maximum transmission distance 40m 20m 10m 15m
Noise resistance 2kV (FET/B level 4) 0.2kV (FET/B level 1) Not taken into consideration

  • *Comparison to other bus-powered product on the market.

Signal conversion/transmission schematic diagram

Sales target figure

Sales target
100+ million yen in fiscal 2020

Resource links

Introduction of "USB3 Vision-compatible Active Optical Cable"

Glossary of terms

  • *1 :USB3 Vision

    A USB3.0-based interface standard for machine vision systems set by AIA (Automated Imaging Association), a machine vision industry association in the United States. Standard-A and Micro-B connectors are used for this interface. The cables use connectors with a screw lock designed to prevent accidental unplugging.

  • *2 :Active optical cables (AOC (Active Optical Cable))

    Active optic cables are electric-optic conversion cables that enable high-speed and long-distance data transmission that is difficult to achieve with interface cables using metallic wires. The most characteristic feature of this product is the physical compatibility with conventional electrical interfaces, allowing users to use it in the same manner as general interface cables.

  • *3 :USB3.0

    USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is one of the serial bus standards for connecting peripheral equipment to devices such as PC. The data transfer speed is approx. 10 times the speed of USB2.0 (USB2.0: 480Mbps max./USB 3.0: 5Gbps max.). The maximum transmission distance of USB3.0 cables is only 3m, whereas that of USB2.0 cables is 5m.

  • *4 :Machine vision

    Machine vision systems are used to check the product appearance and printing defects using one or more cameras, light source, image capture device, image processing equipment, etc. They are mainly used in equipment such as board mounting equipment and product label printers.

  • *5 :EFT/B test (Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test)

    This test checks the noise resistance when pulse noise enters the power voltage or input signals. It is designed to assess the influence of noise that primarily occurs when the contacts are opened/closed in switches or relays. High-voltage pulse noise is applied on the cable to assess its influence on the data transmission. (JIS C61000-4.4 compliant)

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