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OKI Starts Operation of Reed Switch Sales Company in China

TOKYO, November 10, 2014 -- OKI Sensor Device, an OKI Group company that develops, manufactures and sells reed switches(*1), held a ceremony to mark the establishment of its sales company in China, Oki Sensor Device (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., on October 30, 2014, in Shanghai, China. The company started operations on October 11, 2014.

Recently, customer needs for reed switches has become increasingly diverse, including reduction of device dimensions and costs, high functionality, high reliability, and stable supply. OKI Sensor Device, holding the world's leading share in reed switch market, reached a figure of 450 million reed switch productions per year by responding to customer demands.

China is the world's largest market for reed switches, further expanding year-by-year with the technical progress of cars, home electronics and industrial equipment. OKI has been selling reed switches in China since 1990.

"The establishment of the company in China, the first overseas subsidiary of OKI Sensor Device, leads to strengthen sales channels and support system and deploy local-based marketing and sales activities. We strive to expand sales volumes and improve customer satisfaction in the Chinese market," said Yuki Ushida, President of OKI Sensor Device. "Going forward, we aim to gain 50% share in the global market by finding new potential customers, focusing on emerging countries where economic growth is expected to continue."

Overview of Oki Sensor Device (Shanghai)

Company name
Oki Sensor Device (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Yuki Ushida
Room2635 New Town Center Building, No.83 Loushanguan Road, Shanghai 200336, China
October 11, 2014
4 personnel
sales of reed switches and assembled reed switches
Approx. 33 million yen (Investor: Oki Sensor Device Corporation 100%)


  • *1 :Reed switch

    A reed switch consists of a pair of ferrous metal reeds enclosed in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. North and south poles are formed on the reeds upon the application of a magnetic field, and the reed switch operates through magnetic attraction. When the magnetism is removed the reed switch returns to its original position due to the elasticity of the reeds.

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