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OKI Releases Social and Environmental Report 2014

TOKYO, October 1, 2014 -- OKI (TOKYO:6703) today released its "Social and Environmental Report 2014" in both English and Chinese language versions. In an effort to help stakeholders better understand the OKI Group's initiatives, the report describes environmental protection efforts and CSR activities undertaken by the OKI Group in the preceding fiscal year (ended March 2014). It is scheduled to be published in PDF format on the OKI website at noon.

"A section entitled ‘Meeting our CSR Commitments' describes important themes for the OKI Group which is also an area of interest for stakeholders and the general public. In this issue, ‘Special Features' covers OKI's approach to Mid-term Business Plan 2016 which ends in fiscal 2016 and new initiatives to achieve OKI Group Environmental Vision 2020" says Naoki Sato, Senior Executive Vice President, overlooking OKI's CSR Division.

Covering seven key CSR priority themes, the ‘Social and Environmental Report' concisely communicates the status of corporate activities by addressing key points under each theme and highlighting achievements over the past fiscal year. The website also discusses OKI policies, systems, and other detailed information for each theme as well as core issues addressed by ISO 26000, the international standard addressing social responsibilities. The website provides a table comparing ISO 26000 and OKI Group activities.

The OKI Group will continue to incorporate the voices of its stakeholders into the content of this report as part of its efforts to seek the bonds of trust established between stakeholders and the company.

Outlined below are highlights of the Social and Environmental Report 2014:
Special Features: Meeting Our CSR Commitments

1. Toward a High-value Added Creation Group Contributing to the Realization of a Safe and Comfortable Society-On "Mid-term Business Plan 2016"-

In the Mid-term Business Plan 2016 which ends in fiscal 2016, OKI will strive to achieve sustainable growth through enhanced overseas operations and participation in the infrastructure markets for the next-generation society, while engaging in continuous investments by securing stable profits. In addition to those business strategies, we will aim to become a high-valued added creation group that contributes to the realization a safe and comfortable society, promoting enhancement of the financial base, as well as implementation of various human resource-related measures such as encouragement of diversity.

2. New Approach to the OKI Group Environmental Vision 2020

The OKI Group set out quantitative objectives for its"Environmental Vision 2020," in April 2014, to clarify the goal for environmental load reduction. The Group will implement activities to ensure the enhancement of its environmental management promotion scheme aiming at achievement of these objectives. In Special Features, in addition to the content of new objectives, introducing major implements in fiscal year 2003 on following four fields;"Realization of low-carbon societies", "Prevention of pollution", "Resource circulation" and "Biodiversity conservation".

Status of activities in areas of focus

In this report, OKI explains activities and achievements on the following seven priority themes: full compliance with laws and regulations; information security; improvements of customer satisfaction; good communication with shareholders and investors; respect for employees; social contributions; and consideration for the environment. For each priority theme, the report comments on focal points and achievements for fiscal year ending March 2014, as well as focal points for the fiscal year ending March 2015, based on actual OKI achievements. Through detailed examples, the report also seeks to clarify OKI's progress on each activity for its readers. The environmental conservation section—one of the seven priority themes—concludes with a reference section entitled "Detailed Data."

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