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OKI Delivers Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment for ON Semiconductor's European plants

Ensures exhaust gas processing in atmospheric pressure CVD thin film manufacturing processes and film manufacturing consistency to maintain customer's production environment

KGT-3MM-AP exhaust
gas treatment equipment

TOKYO, March 12, 2013 -- OKI Engineering, provider of reliability evaluations and environmental conservation technologies for the OKI Group, recently delivered KGT-3MM-AP exhaust gas treatment equipment for atmospheric pressure CVD(*1) manufacturing equipment to semiconductor manufacturer ON Semiconductor's European plants. OKI exhaust gas treatment equipment remove the special material gases used with atmospheric pressure CVD manufacturing equipment while controlling and maintaining constant exhaust pressure. Thus, it ensures reliability and consistency in the CVD thin film manufacturing line, ultimately helping to maintain the customer's production environment.

In the manufacture of semiconductors such as Power FET(*2) and IGBT(*3) atmospheric pressure CVD manufacturing equipment is vital at the stage of insulating film manufacture. However, this equipment uses harmful gases such as silane (SiH4),(*5) phosphine (PH3)(*6), and diborane (B2H6)(*7) and requires exhaust gas processing. OKI Engineering 's KGT-3MM-AP exhaust gas treatment equipment is a wet-type processor that effectively processes the special material gases and particulate matter used in CVD thin film manufacture. The treatment equipment contains a special stainless steel filter to improve scrubbing efficiency. The design minimizes filter clogging for extended maintenance-free use. A unique design intended to facilitate cleaning of the internal filter has won praise for ease of maintenance. The micromanometer used for pressure control was designed specifically for CVD gas use. Inverter control for the exhaust fan ensures the constant exhaust pressure essential for atmospheric pressure CVD thin film manufacture and extended operational reliability and consistency.

"Three years previously, OKI Engineering delivered the KGT-3MM-AP to ON Semiconductor as an exhaust gas processor for Amaya continuous atmospheric pressure CVD manufacturing equipment," says Yutaka Asai, President of OKI Engineering. "This latest order for ON Semiconductor's European plants was prompted by ON semiconductor's satisfaction with the processor's pressure control configuration and exhaust gas scrubbing efficiency and by the benefits of consistent, trouble-free CVD thin film manufacture. Introduction of the treatment equipment ensures consistent film thickness distributions for CVD thin films, including NSG(*8), PSG(*9), and BPSG(*10), at ON Semiconductor's European plants. It also increases factory throughput while cutting exhaust gas processing costs."

OKI Engineering began manufacturing exhaust gas treatment equipment approximately 30 years ago. Since then, it has supplied treatment equipments to numerous semiconductor and solar cell mass production plants in Japan and Taiwan. This latest order expands its reach into Europe. OKI Engineering also plans to expand into new regions including Southeast Asia.

KGT-3MM-APP Specification

Product name
Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment for atmospheric pressure CVD
KGT-XMM-AP (X:1,3,10,S)
Process capacity
Xm³/min (X:1,3,10,Special Specification)
Pressure control
-0.15 to -0.40KPa
atmospheric pressure CVD, solar cells, wafer manufacturing

About ON Semiconductor

Company name
ON Semiconductor
Phoenix, Arizona. USA
Keith Jackson
Leading-edge supplier of high-functional silicon solutions for electronic devices with high energy efficiency.

About Amaya Co., Ltd.

Company name
Amaya Co., Ltd
Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Kentaro Yoshioka
Manufacture and installation of atmospheric pressure CVD which enables to form SiH4 and TEOS NSG film, PSG film and BPSG film to be used for semiconductors and solar cells.

About OKI Electric Industry (OKI)

Founded in 1881, OKI Electric Industry is Japan's leading telecommunications manufacturer. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, OKI provides top-quality products, technologies, and solutions to customers through its info-telecom systems and printer operations. Its various business divisions function synergistically to bring to market exciting new products and technologies that meet a wide range of customer needs in various sectors. Visit OKI's global website at http://www.oki.com/.


  • *1 :CVD

    CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is a vapor deposition method for producing thin films using various materials on a heated substrate.

  • *2 :Power FET

    A power FET (power field-effect transistor) is a MOSFET(*4) designed to handle high power. Offering faster switching and higher conversion efficiency in low-voltage ranges than other power devices, power FETs are used in applications such as switching power supplies and DC-DC converters up to 200 V.

  • *3 :IGBT

    Used in power control applications, an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a semiconductor device in the form of a bipolar transistor incorporating a MOSFET for the gate.

  • *4 :MOSFET

    MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) is a type of field-effect transistor (FET) and the most common device currently used in LSIs. Silicon is the material used most often.

  • *5 :Silane (SiH4)

    A colorless gas with a distinctive odor, silane is a silicon hydride with the chemical formula SiH4 and molar mass of 32.12 g/mol. As the simplest gaseous compound of silicon, it is widely used in semiconductor manufacture.

  • *6 :Phosphine (PH3)

    An inorganic compound with the chemical formula PH3, phosphine (phosphorus trihydride) is among the raw materials for the doping gas used in semiconductor manufacture. Phosphine is also used to produce n-type silicon and in the manufacture of InGaP (indium gallium phosphide) semiconductors. At room temperature, it is a colorless, flammable, and highly toxic gas that typically has the odor of rotting fish.

  • *7 :Diborane (B2H6)

    Diborane is a boron hydride composed, strictly speaking, of two combined borane (monoborane, BH3) molecules. On its own, diborane is a colorless gas with a distinctive sweet odor. Highly flammable, explosive, and toxic, it has important applications as a gas for semiconductor materials and as a polymerization catalyst, reducing agent, and rocket propellant.

  • *8 :NSG (None-doped silicate Glass) film

    SiO2 film that does not include impure substance such as phosphorus or boron.

  • *9 :PSG (Phospho silicate Glass) film

    Silicon oxide film doped with phosphorus.

  • *10 :BPSG (Boro-phosphp silicate glass) film

    Silicon oxide film doped with boron and phosphorus.

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