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On-going Reconstruction Support for Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster-Affected Areas

Improving the farmland in Shichigahama

The OKI Group is engaged in ongoing support activities to help rebuild areas damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

As part of its voluntary support activities, the Group continues its activities in Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture, started in fiscal 2011. In addition, in fiscal 2013 the Group joined "Collective Action for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster" organized by Global Compact Japan Network, and sent its employees as volunteers to Watari Town, Miyagi Prefecture, on 4 occasions. Through this activity, we support the resident-led project called "Watari Green Belt Project," which aims at the re-growth of the tide-prevention forest based on the town’s long-term plan.

Science Education Activities for Children

Programming course

OKI Software (OSK), an OKI Group company engaging in software development and SI services for the Group, collaborated with the Faculty of Engineering at Fukuoka University in August 2013 to organize the "Parent and Child Learning Course for Robot Arm Programming," aimed at elementary-school pupils. The event was held as part of the two entities’ ongoing efforts since 2010 to offer science education activities for children, to address the growing concern for the lack of interest in science among children.

The course was held at Robot Square in Fukuoka City. The instructors, comprised of members from OSK and the Engineering Faculty at Fukuoka University, gave lectures on robot functions and programming and offered help for the participants’ activities. The elementary school pupils who participated in the course tried to move robots’ arms and hands through simple programming using the icons on the PC, succeeding in giving commands to carry an object, and learned the joy of programming through their experiences.

Wheelchair Riding and Physical Assistance Experiences for Elementary School Children

Assisting the wheelchair over simulated gaps and slopes

OKI Workwel (OWW), a special purpose subsidiary of the OKI Group, utilizes its experiences with teleworking employment for challenged people to carry out activities including class visits to special schools to teach classes, remote workplace apprentice-ships for students with severe disabilities and welfare education at local schools, on an on-going basis.

As part of these activities, OWW organized a summer course titled "Wheelchair Riding Experiences: Ride and Learn!" in August 2013 at Shibaura Elementary School, situated in Minato Ward in Tokyo. OWW employee with severe disabilities instructed the course, in which 40 pupils from 1st to 4th grades experienced assisting persons in wheelchair as well as maneuvering wheelchairs themselves. This wheelchair experience course was initiated in 2004, and has been held about 120 times as of fiscal 2013.

Eliminating Alien Plants in Shenzhen, China

Eliminating non-native plants

In April 2013, OKI Electric Industry (Shenzhen), the OKI Group’s affiliated company in China, carried out an activity to eradicate Mikania micrantha, a alien plant, with the participation of approxi-mately 100 volunteering employees. Mikania micrantha is listed as one of the World's 100 Worst Invasive Alien Species, issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and causes a serious impact on the native ecosystem.

Support for Children's Education in the Mountain Region

Installation of a drinking water filtration system

In February 2014, OKI Precision Thailand (OPNT), a production site located in the northern area of the Kingdom of Thailand, donated school supplies, sports equipment, a drinking water filtration system and housewares to the Hilltribe Learning Center in Mesage village, Tha Kat City in Mae Tha District, Lamphun.

The Hilltribe Learning Center is situated in Mesage village, a mountain region with very limited accessibility by car, and is the only place offering elementary school education in the region. Since no electricity was available, the Thai government provided the center with solar panels. However, school facilities and children’s school supplies, as well as housewares, still ran short. Responding to requests from local people, OPNT donated school supplies including PCs, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers and crayons, as well as sports equipment and housewares including clothing for cold weather, blankets and gloves. OPNT also installed a drinking water filtration system, as many local people suffer stone formation due to lack of running water.

Forest Improvement Activities through the Green Wave 2013

The OKI Group has continuously been involved in forest improvement activities in some places in connection with relevant group under agreements with local municipal governments, Forest Offices and NPOs. In May 2013, in conjunction with the International Day for Biological Diversity, we participated in the Green Wave 2013, a campaign to promote reforestation and other forest protection activities targeted at businesses and organizations, and engaged in forest improvement projects in Izu (Shizuoka) and Komoro (Nagano).
A total of 198 people participated in the OKI Group's forest improvement activities in Japan in fiscal 2013.

In the OKI Group Forest in Komoro

The 14th annual event for Lao language picture books, which are sent to children in Laos Activity

Activity involving the production of picture books in Lao by attaching Lao translations to Japanese picture books

July 6, 2013
Number of participating OKI Group employees


Personal computer counseling session Activity

Session for people living and working in the city of Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, to help them learn about and become more familiar with personal computers

December 7, 2013
Number of participating OKI Group employees


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