Environmental Conservation

Contributing to the Environment with Products and Services R&D

"Towards the Future" R&D Themes Relevant to the Environment

The OKI Group's R&D expenses amount to ¥10.7 billion per year all of which is devoted to raising environmental awareness. Listed here in an easy to understand format are items related to the environment.

Theme Name Overview
“Deep learning” weight reduction Technology
(R&D of Advanced AI technology)
Improve power consumption efficiency with more efficient calculations using deep learning technology. Adopted for NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)’s energy-saving themed projects
All silicon photonic integrated module technology Develop an electronic-photonic integrated chip with high functionality, low power consumption and ultra-small size
Next-generation access technology for 5G/IoT
(R&D in next-generation optical access technology)
Solve the issue of increased power consumption associated with a rise in data capacity with the spread of 5th generation mobile (5G)
R&D of optical signal processing technology for optical fiber sensing Extend the service life for infrastructure facilities with meticulous monitoring and proper maintenance utilizing this technology and thereby achieve energy and resource reductions
R&D of future communication environment
(R&D of multimedia system technology)
Creation of a communication environment that allows easy communication with remote offices; produce energy savings by reducing energy usage associated with movement and improving operational efficiency
Technology for anomaly detection and failure prediction of manufacturing equipment for Industry 4.0
(research on data mining technology)
Anomaly detection technology for manufacturing equipment, using vibration and log data at plants. Achieve resource savings by controlling parts inventory and reducing energy consumption associated with transportation, etc.
R&D into the use of AI solutions in the printing field A technology that uses AI to automate and streamline the evaluation of printing quality of industrial printers. Promote resource and energy savings by preventing printing errors caused by misjudging printing quality

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