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OKI Compliance Commitment

In the board meeting held in October 2012, OKI's management team has adopted Compliance Commitment. The "OKI Compliance Commitment" is a pledge to OKI's stakeholdres that it will work to raise awareness of compliance issues, take the lead in the area of compliance efforts and work to thoroughly implement measures to ensure this awareness within the OKI Group.

OKI Compliance Commitment

Based on its corporate philosophy, OKI strives to contribute to society through the provision of products and services that play a role in the development of an information society. To accomplish this mission, honorable corporate activities that respond to our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders/investors, employees, partners and society are vital.

With the conviction that gaining the trust of our stakeholders is the basis for enhancing our corporate value, we, OKI's management team, will make every effort to execute honorable and reliable corporate activities using sensible judgment. Therefore, we will strive to establish and operate an effective internal control by engaging with internal and external voices at all times. OKI will take the lead to steadily implement thorough compliance by educating executives and employees of OKI and our Group companies. Should a situation occur which goes against this belief, OKI will promptly investigate the cause, take preventive measures and clarify responsibility.

On this basis, OKI will realize the "enterprising spirit" nurtured since the company's founding and provide products and services that contribute to fulfilling a comfortable existence.

October 30, 2012
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

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