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Anwendbare Modelle

ES4192 MFP; ES5162 MFP; ES5162LP MFP; MB492; MB562

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Technische Daten

Dateiname OKI_MB492_A03.58_0_5_259384.bin
Version A03.58_0_5
Dateigröße 98,272,293 Byte
MD5-Hash-Wert 09d68cc41df3883e7ba342b5e2352f0f


(note1) In some case, you will have to set the menu setting again after updating the unit to the new firmware revision.
Before updating the firmware, please backup the menu setting by using the configuration tool and restore them after updating the firmware.
When be not used Configuration Tool,after FW update set the information again from the panel.

(note2) If you are updating the firmware on a unit that currently has a firmware version older than A03.10 your User Authentication (Access Control) information saved in the MFP will be reset to the default settings.  
If you had previously changed any of the PIN, User ID, or User Name settings from the default settings you will have to set the information again for all users after updating the MFP to the new firmware revision.

Please use a version 1.2.1 or later of the firmware update tool for Windows.

Firmware Ver.A03.58_0_5
CU : B3.58
Network/WebRemote : 03.15/03.13
IM : 02.03
PU : 00.00.38
TU : 00.03.42

1. Support for SHA256-signed certificates for IEEE802.1X authentication.
2. Fixed some security vulnerabilities in the network.
3. Fixed a problem when Error 078 occurred by panel operation.

Firmware Ver.A03.54_0_5
CU : B3.54
Network/WebRemote : 03.15/03.13
IM : 02.03
PU : 00.00.37
TU : 00.03.41

1. Fixed a problem that the image may come out scrambled with using PS driver for macOS 10.14.
2. Fixed a problem that an error may occur when the PC is turned off/on after printing with USB connection.
3. Fixed a problem that the 2nd job may not be printed correctly while printing from the Linux driver with USB connection.

Firmware Ver.A03.53_0_5
CU : B3.53
Network/WebRemote : 03.15/03.13
IM : 02.03
PU : 00.00.37
TU : 00.03.41

1. Fixed a problem when receiving a fax manually, "Storage Space full" is displayed and the MFP sometimes can not receive faxes.
2. Set the country code to Germany. ERROR 078 occurs when an error occurs by fax transmission.

Firmware Ver.A03.51_0_5
CU : B3.51
Network/WebRemote : 03.15/03.13
IM : 02.03
PU : 00.00.37
TU : 00.03.40

1.Treatment of the WPA2 protocol vulnerabilities.
2.Fixed a problem of NTLMv2 authentication function that is used by Scan To Shared Folder.

Firmware Ver.A03.50_0_5
CU : B3.50
Network/WebRemote : 03.14/03.13
IM : 02.02
PU : 00.00.37
TU : 00.03.40

1.Improvement in the fusing of duplex printing.

Firmware Ver.A03.46_0_5
CU : B3.46
Network/WebRemote : 03.13/03.13
IM : 02.02
PU : 00.00.36
TU : 00.03.40

1.Support SMB 2.0.
2.Upgrade Google Cloud Print security.
3.Fixed the problem that Error002 might be happened when WSD Print is done during the deep sleep mode.

Firmware Ver.A03.42_0_5
CU : B3.40
Network/WebRemote : 03.10/03.12
IM : 02.01
PU : 00.00.36
TU : 00.03.40

1.Update the smart Extendable Platform2.(for solution)
2.Improved to detect some unknown consumable.
3.Fixed a problem that one of the following status might occur when turning on or restarting the PC connected to the MFP with the USB cable.
- Nothing is displayed (Stay in the sleep state)
- The display does not change with key operation
- Does not print
- 815 error occurs
4.Fixed a problem that Duplex Scan can't be done in case of scan execution from a PC with macOS Sierra 10.12 and later.

Firmware Ver.A03.30_0_5
CU : B3.30
Network/WebRemote : 03.04/03.06
IM : 02.01
PU : 00.00.34
TU : 00.03.30

1.Fixed a problem that MFP sends unnecessary reply to a certain command.
2.Update Google Cloud Print certificate.

Firmware Ver.A03.29_0_5
CU : B3.29
Network/WebRemote : 03.04/03.05
IM : 02.01
PU : 00.00.34
TU : 00.03.29

1.Update the smart Extendable Platform2.(for solution)

Firmware Ver.A03.28_0_5
CU : B3.28
Network/WebRemote : 03.04/03.04
IM : 02.01
PU : 00.00.34
TU : 00.03.28

1.Fixed a problem that Scan To Shared Folder cannot be performed to OSX10.10.
2.Fixed a problem that PDL Error/PS Error/Error002 may occur when data is sent via network environment using jumbo frame.
3."Delivery Result" is changed which is in "Transmit Confirmation Report" and "Check Message Report" of Email/Internet FAX.

Firmware Ver.A03.23_0_5
CU : B3.23
Network/WebRemote : 03.03/03.03
IM : 02.00
PU : 00.00.33
TU : 00.03.23

1.To support AZERTY keyboard.
2.Improved the name of the buttons on the soft keyboard of Web Browser in French.
3.Fixed a problem that an internet fax job is not printed out in a receiver machine when transmitting an internet fax job.
4.Fixed a problem that decoding error occurs when printing a specified TIFF file.

Firmware Ver.A03.10_0_5
CU : B3.10
Network/WebRemote : 03.01/03.03
IM : 02.00
PU : 00.00.32
TU : 00.03.10

1.To support the smart Extendable Platform2.
2.Fixed a problem where the IP address setting will return to default value of automatic even when set to manual in an environment using the printer description file Ver 1.0.1 for Linux.
3.Fixed a problem where AirPrint Scan cannot be performed from OSX10.11.
4.Fixed a problem where ERROR 002 will occur when network transmission is done from Macintosh.
5.Fixed a problem that group information is occasionally delayed the update when user edited the address book from Configuration Tool.
6.Fixed a problem that the space character cannot be used as the value of [LDAP Value] from Web page.
7.Fixed a problem that MFP cannot work Fax communication.
8.Fixed a problem where after printing orientation settings on panel menu is set to landscape and machine is rebooted, settings will show landscape but the printed output will be portrait.
9.Fixed a problem that printing via network does not work in some cases.

Firmware Ver.A01.36_0_5
CU : B1.36
Network/WebRemote : 00.49/00.31
IM : 01.05
PU : 00.00.31
TU : 00.01.36

1. Fixed a problem where machine will no longer boot when power is cut off immediately after receiving Fax.
2. Fixed a problem where when file format is specified as S-Tiff in scan initial settings then Fax continuous reading is done, reading for the second time onwards will result to hang.
3. Fixed a problem where Network will restart when receiving DHCP NAK after IP address is set.
4. Fixed a problem where machine will not resume from Sleep when there is no network connection and only USB cable is connected.
5. Fixed a problem where machine will not resume from Sleep during continuous Sleep resume test through USB connection/disconnection.
6. Fixed a system freeze problem when Reset Settings on Panel is executed while Wireless LAN is ON.

Firmware Ver.A01.35_0_5
CU : B1.35
Network/WebRemote : 00.49/00.31
IM : 01.05
PU : 00.00.29
TU : 00.01.35

1. Added Wireless LAN security support.
2. Added user menu for correction of ADF scan point location.
3. Fixed a rare problem where if power is cutoff when starting, Error code 081 will occur during next restart.
4. Fixed a network connection problem (cannot print when power save lamp blinks rapidly).
5. Fixed a problem where printing stops midway.
6. Fixed a toner remaining amount indication problem.
7. Fixed a problem where Error code 078 will occur when returning from SLEEP while FAX is set as home screen.
8. Fixed a some contradiction of explanation for Help of each button. (Displayed when [?] on the upper right of Scan Size screen in Copy and Scan function is selected).
9. Fixed a problem where the file name input on soft keyboard side is improper when the machine's language is Hungary, Czech, or Polish.

Firmware Ver.A01.30_0_5
CU : B1.30
Network/WebRemote : 00.47/00.28
IM : 01.04
PU : 00.00.27
TU : 00.01.30

1. Improvement of the paper feed jam from the Automatic Document Feeder.
2. Fixed a problem that the unit can not connect to the network when the DHCP server is located on the different network segment.
3. Fixed a system freeze problem when going down to Sleep mode under the high network trafic, occasionally.
4. Fixed a problem that the FAX transmission error occurs when user send the FAX by using One-touch Button.It occurs only when storing more than 128 destinations in address book.
5. Fixed a problem that comes with a toner in streaks on the back side of the paper.

Firmware Ver.A01.22_0_5
CU : B1.22
Network/WebRemote : 00.47/00.28
IM : 01.04
PU : 00.00.26
TU : 00.01.22

1. Improvement of the copy image quality of Text mode.

Firmware Ver.A01.16_0_5
CU : B1.16
Network/WebRemote : 00.47/00.27
IM : 01.04
PU : 00.00.26
TU : 00.01.10

1. At the Fax reception of the A4 draft, an image revises a short problem.
2. When scanning with High Compression PDF mode, the scanning setting is user selectable.
3. To fix an issue that not resume from Deep Sleep, occasionally.
4. To fix an issue of the reply for DHCP server during initializing process at wireless LAN.
5. To fix an issue that the problem of the process when wireless LAN connection is disconnected suddenly.

Firmware Ver.A01.10_0_5
CU : B1.10
Network/WebRemote : 00.45/00.26
IM : 01.03
PU : 00.00.23
TU : 00.01.10

1. Add to LCD screen saver.
2. Fixing the issue that "Tray Counter" of Operator panel is not enough one digit (last one digit missing) when the number of prints has exceeded the 100K.

Firmware Ver.A01.07_0_5
CU : B1.06
Network/WebRemote : 00.44/00.25
IM : 01.02
PU : 00.00.23
TU : 00.01.07

1. To support Google Cloud Print 2.0

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