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Meeting the Challenges

Today's IT professionals are challenged to find new ways of increasing productivity and efficiency, even while dealing with budget cuts and staff reductions. One area with the most potential for saving time and money is managing the rising number of printers, copiers and multifunction products (MFPs) within the organization—print management. By choosing the right technology, businesses of all shapes and sizes can immediately boost productivity and improve their bottom line by efficiently managing the use, acquisition and replacement of equipment and supplies.

Print SuperVision Provides the Results IT Professionals are Looking For

OKI’s Print SuperVision is an intuitive, free web application designed to remotely monitor a customer's OKI and non-OKI devices from any accessible web browser on their network. The software monitors a device’s health, sends email alerts, reports supply status, tracks printed pages and even lets you order and track supplies online—all from within the application itself.

Features & Benefits

Minimizing the Need for On-Site Service Technicians.

Remote monitoring and optimal supplies management are the keys to saving time and money in the IT world. Professionals benefit from the tools bundled with Print SuperVison by remotely troubleshooting minor problems and assisting users in replacing supplies themselves.

By minimizing the ongoing need for on-site service technicians, companies can conserve their internal resources, which translate into improved time productivity and less travel. Plus, tracking supplies to follow a Just-In-Time shipping method can help replenish them without the need for overnight shipping. It can also help maximize device uptime—promoting higher levels of user and IT satisfaction.

Print SuperVision Features Include:

  • Easy to set-up; copy settings from one printer to many
  • Web-based application
  • Create and control user access rights
  • Ability to configure devices remotely
  • Proactively manage and monitor networked OKI printers and MFPs and non-OKI compatible devices from other manufacturers
  • Track floor plans and maps
  • View maintenance logs
  • Predict toner levels and image drum life for accurate planning
  • Flexible usage reports available in a variety of formats
  • Schedule reports and generate automated e-mail delivery
  • Order supplies online or generate hard-copy purchase orders
Print SuperVision is available in two configurations, Professional and Enterprise, depending on your need to manage just a few devices or a large fleet. 

Print SuperVision Professional Edition

The goal for the Professional edition is to keep simplicity in mind, thus it is perfect for small to medium-size organizations. Our “Easy Setup” will have you running an instance of Print SuperVision Professional in mere minutes.  You don't even need a dedicated server to benefit from what it offers.

Print SuperVision Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition builds on the strengths of the professional edition by adding a comprehensive suite of tools for advanced network managers. It's positioned to help larger, more geographically dispersed organizations—like school districts, healthcare facilities or corporate campuses—monitor their device status on a day-to-day basis while providing a means to cost-effectively manage replenishment of supplies.

Both editions of Print SuperVision are available FREE of charge.

How It Works

Print SuperVison is as easy to set up and use, minimizing the need to continually train your Help Desk staff. The network installed application can be accessed securely over the network via a web browser – allowing easy access to monitor, manage or configure your devices.

You can easily monitor supplies on your network. Print SuperVision automatically queries all printers and MFPs for their status and supply levels at predetermined intervals, alerting IT staff when their attention is needed. In addition, preconfigured Management Reports can be scheduled to run automatically at selected intervals before being delivered to IT via email.

Some of Print SuperVision’s More Surprising Capabilities

Monitor OKI devices that are locally connected to laptops or desktops through the use of the Print SuperVision agent—making it possible to monitor and manage formerly overlooked non-networked desktop units.
For dispersed environments that require multiple Print SuperVision servers, the unique Data Synchronization feature helps collect all the data you need to run reports from just one server location—saving you time by creating a single portal into the entire system.
Have additional questions?  Read our PrintSuperVision FAQ to learn more

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