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Integration with OKI Smart MFPs

Connecting your MFPs to fax services could not be any easier with OpenText’s RightFax for our Smart MFPs. Reduce your dependency on old analog lines and avoid paying for extra lines in a digital environment. RightFax allows you to consolidate fax services on your network giving you convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning and copying. Your organization will benefit from walk-up access and a central point of control for electronic or hard-copy faxing enabling you to streamline document flow processes while saving time and money on administrative tasks.

Benefits of choosing RightFax:

  • Eliminate the need for maintaining costly analog lines for MFP’s or remaining dedicated fax machines
  • Offers detailed and centralized reporting on all incoming/outgoing faxes
  • Integrates with your existing fax server
With Analog Fax MachinesOKI SolutionBenefit
Maintaining analog phone lines for fax machines are costly.Eliminate analog lines at each MFP.Immediate savings for each MFP.
Reporting and tracking fax usage from individual fax machines/MFP’s is difficult and often a manual process.Offers centralized reporting on your fax server.Simple tracking and reporting of all fax traffic.
Many companies are using fax Server technology for other business process today.Provides compatibility with the fax server being used today.No need for additional s

*Requires External Interface Enabler - p/n 70064102

System Requirements

  • RightFax version 10.6 or greater
  • Windows XP and later Windows OSs are supported
  • Requires RightFax client installed on PC
  • Supported OKI MFPs
    • MPS3537mc
    • MPS4242mc
    • MPS5502mb
    • MC770 / MC780
    • MB760 / MB770
    • CX3535 MFP / CX4545 MFP*
    • ES9465 / ES9475

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