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Businesses that are not implementing secure print release are putting their company’s documents at risk.  Documents printed from any connected computer or mobile device puts your business in jeopardy.  Secure print release also allows your company the ability to do true departmental and client print accounting, giving you explicit costs for print usage by user, job or department.  Lock down your wireless print capabilities to approved users.
PaperCut MF is an easy to use, cost effective print accounting and management software suite available in commercial, educational and professional billing editions that scale for all network environments, platforms or types of print devices. Cross platform compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Novell assures installation virtually anywhere.
PaperCut MF is regarded as one of the simplest print accounting tools to set up, deploy and manage.  It synchronizes with your Active Directory server making it easy to manage large numbers of users, while IT intervention is minimized by providing end users with a friendly web interface to track their own activity and account balances in real time.

Control & Reduce Costs

Eliminate waste and encourage responsible printing behavior in your facility.  PaperCut helps organizations control costs by eliminating wasteful printing.  Abandoned or duplicate sets of prints are all but eliminated after implementation.  With their “Find Me” secure pull-printing feature, print jobs are only printed when released by the user.  Unwanted documents set in a queue and are deleted after a set period of time, slashing the volume of unclaimed printing.  The “Find Me” feature also allows users to decide which device is most convenient for their printing needs whether by location or features of the device they want to print from.
Device security features allow organizations to allow and prohibit specific user groups from accessing printers and copiers to allow for better HIPAA regulatory compliance.

Print From Smartphones, Tablets & Chromebooks

With thousands of smartphone, tablets and Chromebooks being deployed in education, healthcare and other industries, it’s become a challenge to print from mobile devices.  PaperCut MF includes support for both AirPrint and Google Cloud Print from mobile devices, eliminating the need for printers and MFP’s to support specific device print technologies.

Recover The Cost Of Printing & Copying

Make users and departments accountable for their print habits with PaperCut MF.  Law firms, accounting practices, universities and most professional service businesses have traditionally passed the cost of printing, scanning, faxing and copying onto their clients or students.  In many cases this is a revenue generating opportunity for IT to recover these cost of operating your MFP or printer.  PaperCut offers unique versions of their suite designed for education with billing systems implemented in the software or practice management billing systems for businesses looking to pass along the cost to the client.

Detailed Reporting

PaperCut MF features more than 50 one-click reports in a variety of exportable formats (PDF/HTML/CSV) that break down the analytics of the use of your printers by device, department or user.  Get a better understanding of the environmental impact for each printer, the cost of consumables for your printers and more.

Embedded Device Support

PaperCut’s embedded software is supported on multiple copier platforms, including OKI’s sXP (Smart Extendable Platform), making it a great solution for mixed or single manufacturer environments.  As an authorized PaperCut reseller, OKI can offer embedded versions of PaperCut for many leading MFP and printer manufacturers.

Reseller Registration

In order to ensure that superior levels of customer satisfaction are reached with every sale, PaperCut and EcoprintQ (OKI's Authorized PaperCut Solution Center) now require all resellers register with them prior to making a sale. If you are purchasing PaperCut from OKI Data, we ask that you click the following link, fill in the required information, and click the "submit" button. REGISTER NOW >

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