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PS Printer Driver Updater


File Size 70,944 Byte
File Name OKIDPSUMX6MC_43422.dmg
Category Printing Driver
Program Version 2.1
Products B430; C130; C3600; C5550 MFP; C6000; C6050; C6100; C6150; C710; C830; C8800; C9600; C9650; CX2032 MFP; CX2033 MFP; CX2633 MFP; MB470; MB480; MC860; MPS9650c
Operating System Mac OS X 10.6
Languages Brazilian Portuguese; English; French; Spanish


Note: Install the (Leopard, X.5.x) PostScript driver (From the product CD or Download from the web) for your product model before running this updater. User will need "Rosetta" installed under snow leopard before running this updater. Rosetta is free update from Apple website or from the installation DVD that came with it. Rosetta is needed to run applications in 32-Bit mode and to get custom printing features of the driver under X.6 (Snow Leopard).
1. Click on the dmg file.
2. Follow the instructions on your computer screen to save the file to your hard disk. (Note the location where you saved the file.)
3. Double click the downloaded file on your system. This will extract the "Mac Installer" at the default file location.
4. Follow installer instructions and Installer Readme.

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