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Registering OKI MFPs to Google Cloud Print

With an ever increasing mobile workforce and the continued popularity of tablets, smartphones and laptops, printing documents where and when you need them adds a whole new meaning to ‘printing on-demand’ – providing you have access to a compatible device.

Thanks to the many mobile applications available, you no longer have to wait to be ‘back in the office’ to create, print and share documents essential to your business, customers or partners. Promotional customer information, contracts – you can keep your business going while you are on the go.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

Google Inc. has developed a cloud printing service called Google Cloud Print™ enabling users to print on the go from a Chromebook, smartphone, tablet, or computer using Google Cloud Print enabled apps without installing the printer drivers. All you need is a compatible device and an OKI Printer that is Google Cloud Print Ready™.

The Google Cloud Print service connects your MFPs to the web. You can use Google Cloud Print to make your home and work printers available from the applications you use every day.

Supported Monochrome Printers:

  • B412dn / B432dn / B512dn / ES4132 / ES5112

Supported Color Printers:

  • C332dn / C532dn / C612dn / C712dn / C844dnw / ES7412

Supported Multi-Function Printers

  • MB472w / MB492 / MB562w / MB491LP
  • *MC362w / MC562w / MPS2731mc / MC363dn / MC573dn

Set-Up Instructions

In order to use Google Cloud Print service, you must have a Google account and connect your OKI Printer to a network. For information about how to do this please refer to the Google Print Users Manual.

System Requirements

  • Compatible Operating System: Chrome OS™ / Android™ 2.1 or greater / iOS 3.0 or greater 
  • Compatible applications that can be used for printing: Chrome OS / Google Chrome™ / Google Drive™ / Gmail™

Visit the Google Inc. website for more information about compatible operating systems and applications.

Firmware upgrade may be required depending on purchase date. Please use the latest firmware. Click on the Support tab for firmware information. For products with asterisk above, see the following document.

  See OKI doc #4277 for update instructions.

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