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Voting has evolved tremendously over the years, and emerging technologies have taken us from the days of printed paper ballots to paperless electronic formats. But every new technological innovation comes with a new set of security risks. Election tampering now has become a national concern, and in response, the industry has seen the return of a traditional solution.

The printed paper ballot.

Paper ballots were used for the very first elections in America, and today they still prove to be one of the most secure options available for ensuring tamper-proof voting and vote verification.

Print not only helps eliminate election and voting breaches but also provides paper back-up for accurate record keeping.

OKI is ready to help with your Election and Ballot printing needs. For more than 45 years we’ve designed and built rugged, cost-effective printing solutions. OKI’s commercial reliability, media handling and the ability to customize has made OKI the preferred choice for Election Solution Providers. As with all our products, ease of operation sets OKI apart from the competition. If a ballot is printed, there’s a good chance it was printed on an OKI device. Learn more about our Election Ballot Solutions.

Making Print Part of the Democratic Process

Election Ballot

Adding print-based solutions for election security now is a matter of public record.

In a May 8, 2018 report issued by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, one of the initial findings among ongoing vulnerabilities in America's voting system states:

"Voting systems across the United States are outdated, and many do not have a paper record of votes as a backup counting system that can be reliably audited, should there be allegations of machine manipulation. In addition, the number of vendors selling machines is shrinking, raising concerns about supply chain vulnerability.1"

Our Commitment to You

For our election customers, OKI offers 24/7/365 North America-based customer service, as well as a dedicated technical support line for Election Solution Providers - 1-877-VOTE-OKI. An optional 3-year Extended Warranty can be purchased for additional warranty coverage.

1Russian Targeting of Election Infrastructure During the 2016 Election: Summary of Initial Findings and Recommendations, U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,

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