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On-demand printing gives you a clear competitive edge where it counts most: at the point of purchase. OKI’s full line of high-definition color printers brings to life the inspiring design elements that can drive brand recognition and admiration. Instantly produce vibrant signage from floor graphics and wall wraps to backlit displays, as well as striking POP materials like table tents, flyers, shelf strips, price tags, labels and more.

But what good is state-of-the-art hardware if it’s inconsistent and difficult to use? OKI simplifies printing processes at both individual retail locations and their overarching corporate headquarters. Intuitive touchscreen interfaces and convenient mobile print connections allow retail employees to focus on selling. New employees shouldn’t waste valuable time getting accustomed to new print processes when they could be printing marketing collateral from their phones in seconds. For retailers with more than one store location OKI provides simple, pre-set print drivers, reducing errors across stores and time spent configuring driver settings.

Corporate merchandise managers must be able to manage a central hub of print files which can be quickly—and selectively—deployed to multiple regions for locally themed marketing campaigns. OKI provides merchandising managers with…
  • Control over which retail locations can print certain files
  • Cloud or on-premise electronic delivery of collateral print files
  • Template-based design: when content varies from region to region, design once, distribute to many

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