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The rapid advance of technology over recent years has considerably changed the role of the marketing department. 

Digital marketing has grown significantly to become a core part of the customer acquisition and retention process.

As a result businesses need the flexibility to integrate physical and electronic workflows and develop campaigns and supporting materials quickly and efficiently, in-house. Advanced scanning, data capture and CRM integration are also essential to personalize communications, assist with lead management and maximize sales.

Key Challenges

  • Marketing campaigns must be high-impact, eye-catching and personalized to attract the attention of target markets while budget restrictions make it difficult to produce creative designs in-house
  • Sales teams, branches and other departments need fast access to up-to-date marketing materials from any location
  • Market research and events materials need to be up-to-date and reflect individual customer preferences but this detailed level of information can be time-consuming to generate and process
  • Business stationery and marketing materials are costly to create and update when printed outside the organization but few printers offer the flexibility to create high-impact designs on colored media or match the correct Pantone colors

How OKI Can Help Improve Your Business

Switch to In-House Printing to Create Personalized Materials & Drive Brand Awareness

The latest OKI printers make it cost-effective to print quality branded marketing materials in-house, enabling shorter runs, customized print orders and printing on-demand.
Designs can be tested and evolved on small proofing cycles, while customizable and personalized campaigns together with smart electronic capture and integrated document workflows help improve response rates and support the sales process. 
For multi-site organizations, on-demand printing saves distribution costs by removing the need to transport materials between facilities.

Provide Fast, Company-Wide Access to Approved Collateral with On-Demand Printing

To keep customer-facing materials on-brand and on-message, marketing materials are often produced in-house by central marketing teams or creative agencies. 
Storing and indexing files on a central server or cloud repository, branches and sales staff have fast access to up-to-date content from any location and can print it on-demand. 
Variable printing capability blends images with personalized customer and prospect information, helping customer-facing teams make sales and marketing materials relevant and engaging.

Personalize Materials & Save Time with Electronic Forms & Event Registration

Corporate events are a great opportunity to collect delegate information and preferences. 
However, for marketing teams and participants, filling out paper forms and processing data can be extremely time-consuming. 
Easily entered on a tablet, self-registration for events and other online forms adds data electronically into workflow, saving time and materials. 
Agile printing direct from OKI MFPs also makes it easy to create a personalized, up-to-date agenda.

Add Impact With Smart Design Software & Innovative White & Clear Gloss Printing

From business stationery to barcodes and leaflets, software and industry design utilities make it quick and easy to edit text and graphics and print customized materials, reducing design and print costs. 
OKI’s High Definition digital LED color technology and innovative white toner and clear gloss make it possible to create high-impact white and impactful designs in-house on colored media of up to 360gsm while advanced color management precisely matches corporate pantone colors. 
Finished designs can be printed on-demand at OKI printers across the organization, reducing distribution costs.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Cost-effectively support on-demand printing, develop personalized marketing and promotional materials and minimize distribution costs by moving printing in-house
  • Save time for marketing teams, clients and event participants with electronic forms on handheld tablets, create and print up-to-date, personalized agendas
  • Compatible with leading industry design and software packages, develop bespoke stationery and tailored marketing materials
  • Bring creative, high-impact designs to life in-house with white toner and High Definition color printing on a range of media

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