OKI Data provides printers, multifunction printers and optimal solutions to meet the needs of regular offices, which include effective utilization of printers and multifunction printers to increase the efficiency of business processes and eliminating downtime caused by paper jams and other trouble. 

OKI Data helps raise the efficiency of a wide range of business processes by providing diverse solutions that make it possible to operate printers and multifunction printers and share information even from remote sites and to simplify complex merge printing. In addition, OKI Data printers and multifunction printers have a simple structure using LEDs that prevents paper jams and drastically reduces the potential for malfunction. 

OKI Data will continue to develop and provide optimal solutions in line with the needs of diverse industries and professions.

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Simplify workflows by conducting document management with printers and multifunction printers

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Multifunction printers for the office must not only copy, scan and send and receive faxes, but also provide a variety of solutions, including document management, to raise the efficiency. 

Documents that had been stored as paper are digitized to save space. At the same time, this serves as an opportunity to revise workflows. What is needed are smooth workflows from a document management standpoint.

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OKI Data provides the document management solution SENDYS Explorer free of charge to raise the efficiency of business processes. 

Document capture can be performed not only from LED multifunction printers and standard computers but also from smartphones and tablet cameras, which also makes it possible to extract text using the optical character recognition (OCR) function. 

Scanned documents can be identified by type from the multifunction printer’s touch panel, which makes it easy to share documents within a division. Version management is also possible, which means it is easy to view or print the latest version of a document or manual being edited in a group. 

In addition, by linking to CrosCore (a corporate telephony service), it is possible to add functionality for providing alerts by phone when faxes are received even if the person is away from the office’s multifunction printer. Data received on the multifunction printer can also be viewed from a remote location.

Simplify routine tasks through effective utilization of printers and multifunction printers

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In Japan’s real estate industry, individual company information is still manually printed onto property listings. What the industry needs is a solution that simplifies and automates such routine tasks as overwriting preset information onto a specific location.

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OKI Data has developed a merge printing solution for automatically overwriting this information when printing by pre-registering the merge location and data used on the printer or multifunction printer. 

The solution makes it possible to print while concealing and writing over certain areas related to personal information such as addresses and birthdates, for example, when copying driver’s licenses or insurance cards for identification purposes. This also serves as a security measure preventing personal information from being divulged.

Prevent downtime by utilizing highly durable printers and multifunction printers

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Downtime due to malfunction not only lowers the efficiency of business processes but it can cause major lost opportunities. Installing multiple printers and multifunction printers in anticipation of such downtime, however, is not always viable due to cost and space issues. What is needed then are highly durable printers and multifunction printers that are easy for companies to maintain on their own.

Prevent downtime information

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OKI Data’s proprietary technology using LEDs allows our printers to have a simple structure with few moving parts. This makes possible not only durable printers but a unique paper feed method called “flat paper path” in which paper is fed and printed out on the same level plane, which reduces the occurrence of paper jams. 

And even when consumables are replaced or a malfunction occurs, users can perform maintenance themselves and do not have to wait for the manufacturer. 

This simple structure also makes the printers more compact and provides for flexibility in where they are installed.

Simplify connectivity and workflows by directly connecting printers and multifunction printers to mobile devices and printing from them

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Normally, to print data stored on a mobile device from a remote location on a printer in the office or to share that information, the data is first transferred to a computer and then printed. What is needed are more mobile-friendly printers and multifunction printers to reduce such time-consuming work processes and simplify workflows.

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Using a solution such as Mobile Print (printing app for Android devices) or AirPrint (printing app for iOS devices), it is possible to automatically search the local network for a printer or multifunction printer and print from a mobile device without the need to install a printer driver. In addition, companies that introduce non-territorial workspaces in their offices can use Wi-Fi Direct to create an environment that allows for flexible printing from nearby printers and multifunction printers.

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