Dot Matrix Printers

9 Pin Dot Matrix Printers

9 Pin Dot Matrix Printers

Durable and reliable, OKI’s 9 Pin Dot Matrix printers meet a wide range of business and industry needs, from multi-part forms to continuous feed labels.

24 Pin Dot Matrix Printers

24 Pin Dot Matrix Printers

Combining high throughput and character quality, OKI’s 24 pin dot matrix printers deliver versatile, output with low running costs and reliable performance in tough environments.

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Dot Matrix Printers from OKI

If you are looking to print multipart forms, logs and labels, an OKI dot matrix printer is the best choice. OKI Data offers a range of dot matrix printers with different features, so you will be able to find the one that is most suitable for your business.

A dot matrix printer works by driving a number of needles onto an inked ribbon. This then transfers a series of dots of ink to the paper, and these dots form characters or graphics.

With impact technology, these printers for sale in Australia are ideal for when you want to print multipart forms. This is because of the pressure that the needles create press through onto the carbon paper or carbonless paper that is behind the top copy.

With OKI dot matrix printers, you will find printers that are capable of printing up to 8 copies.

What options are available to you with a dot matrix printer?

When you are looking for a dot matrix printer for sale, there are several considerations you need to think of, including:

  • The print speed you require
  • The maximum copies it can create
  • The numbers of columns you require
  • The type of interface port
  • The location of the paper feed

A wide range of dot matrix printers for sale in Australia

At OKI, we sell a range of 9 pin and 24 pin dot matrix printers. Our 9 pin dot matrix printers are a reliable option for your business, and they can be used for a huge range of needs, including multipart forms and continuous feed labels.

The number of dots refers to how many pins are on the pinhead of your printer. Typically, the more pins there are, the better your print will be in terms of quality. Printers with more pins are also usually faster.

With print speeds from 375 characters per second to 700, our printers can offer you high-speed printing when you need it most.

Some of our 9 pin dot matrix printers are capable of high-duty applications, meaning that you can find the right printer for you in even the most demanding of businesses.

All OKI dot matrix printers feature a paper feed that can be put in at the top, bottom or rear, while the Microline 720 Plus and Microline 721 Plus can also have paper fed in from the front.

We also have a range of 24 pin dot matrix printers for sale in Australia from OKI. With these, you can experience great print quality in a range of environments.

Why purchase your matrix dot printer from OKI?

When you purchase a matrix dot printer from OKI, you can be confident that your printer will be reliable. Our dot matrix printers come with a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.

On top of this, we have customer support who can be ready to help you with any questions you may have about your new printer. Just make sure you tell us the model of your OKI printer and its serial number.

Find an OKI dealer by using our dealer locator here and find the best dot matrix printer for your business.
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