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C800 Series

C800 Series

Small and powerful, the ultra compact C800 Series is eco-friendly, versatile and easy to use, offering endless possibilities. The smallest  A3 colour printer on the market the C800 Series handles all your printing needs from A6 to 1.3m and featues OKI's innovative fusing technology, conserving energy while saving time and money.

Number of users: 1 - 30
Maximum paper capacity: Up to 2,540 sheets of 80gsm
Print speed: A4: 36ppm colour/mono; A3: 20ppm colour/mono
Monthly print volume: Up to 5,000 pages
Security: Private Print and optional Card Release
C900 Series

C900 Series

The easy-to-use High Definition C900 Series A3 colour printers are ideal for general office printing and in-house creative work.

Number of users: 1 - 30+
Maximum paper capacity: Up to 2,950 sheets of 80gsm
A4 Print speed: Up to 50ppm colour/mono
A3 Print speed: Up to 28ppm colour/mono
Monthly print volume: Up to 25,000 pages
Time to first print: Less than 8 seconds
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A3 Colour Printers Australia

The Best A3 Colour Printers for Sale in Australia

If you are looking for a printer that is suitable for your business needs, we believe we are the best place to buy a printer online in Australia when considering a A3 colour printer.

A3 Colour Printers from OKI Australia

OKI Australia is a subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Japan – the leading global manufacturer of printing solutions with several ground-breaking technologies that make the most of all your printing needs.

For more than 30 years, OKI has been at the forefront of LED printing technology producing machines that offer sharper, more vibrant High Definition colour printing that allows businesses of all sizes the opportunity to print documents to a professional quality in-house. That's just what our A3 Colour Printers can do for you.

From creating the world’s smallest A4 printer in 1995 to creating the industry’s first digital LED 5 colour A3 printer in 2013, OKI continually leads the way in developing technologies to make printing faster, clearer and more efficient – saving money, respecting the environment and making quality professional printing accessible to everyone.

Our range of A3 colour printers are the best in Australia – and as global leaders in print technology, we are confident you will be satisfied when you purchase our A3 series which includes our A3 colour printer, A3 Multifunction Printer or even our A3 Mono Laser Printer.

OKI A3 Colour Printers – Built To Perform

All our A3 printers use our innovative LED printing technology and offer fast, efficient performance and great results – no matter the application.

Suitable for workgroups of all sizes, our A3 colour printers utilise Single Pass technology that means data is sent to all the colour drums at the same time – the print is created in one single pass that allows crisp images to be created very quickly.

We are very proud of our market-leading reliability, and we have worked hard to create a mechanically simple design that means our users need fewer interventions – easier maintenance and less time under repair – because our two-part design and straight paper path means lower failure rates.

A Wide Range of A3 Colour Printers

Our digital LED print head is a solid-state light source, and the high concentration of light at the centre of the dot creates exceptionally crisp results, even with the smallest of small print.

Our printers and Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are built to have media flexibility – from labels and business cards, through all standard paper sizes, up to banners – even pre-cut media and coloured paper or card stock isn’t a problem – our colour printers have the capacity to print not only white but also allow for neon colours too.

With extended connectivity options for workgroups of all sizes and types; whether you need networked printing through wireless LAN options, or even NFC tap and print to make your printers mobile-print friendly, our clear screens create a clear user interface that allows for card release, private printing and user authentication that protects corporate data.

Which A3 Colour Printer Is Best For Me?

Whether you are a small business with only a few users, an SME that is growing and needs flexibility on number of users, or a booming big business, we have the perfect A3 colour printer to suit your needs.

Our C800 series of A3 printers are eco-friendly, versatile and easy to use. Whether you are looking for the smallest A3 printer in the world which can cope with media from B6 to banner size, or a label printer that allows you to print the exact quantities needed, or a multi-function printer that allows you full control over printing, scanning and faxing, we can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

Talk to our team today to find the best A3 colour printer in Australia for you.
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