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OKI MC362w PC Magazine Editors' Choise!


MC362 PC Mag
By M. David Stone

A close cousin to the OKI MC562w that I recently reviewed, the OKI MC362w color multifunction printer (MFP) offers most of the same features and only a little slower speed. It's meant for lighter-duty use, which makes its natural home a somewhat smaller office, in the micro- to small-office range. However it delivers enough to make it the new Editors' Choice if you need a full complement of MFP features but only light- to medium-duty printing by small-office standards.

As I discussed in the MC562w review, there are several minor differences between the two models, including the slower speed for the MC362w and the lack of a QWERTY keyboard on its front panel, a difference that makes its direct email feature a little less convenient to use than the equivalent in the OKI MC562w. However, the most important difference is in the running cost for the two models, with the OKI MC562w offering a lower cost per page.

Based on OKI's claimed yields and prices, the cost per page for the MC362w comes out to 2.8 cents for a monochrome page and 13.9 cents for a color page. The OKI MC562w can use a higher-capacity cartridge, which cuts the cost by 0.4 cents for every mono page and 1.6 cents for every color page. Print just one color page out of every 10 pages you print, and the savings works out to $52 for 10,000 pages. Print enough pages, and you can easily make up the difference in initial price with the savings in running costs using the more expensive printer.

The other way to look at those numbers is that if you don't print all that much, you'll never make up the difference in initial price. For micro offices that may print only a few hundred pages per month or even less, the MC362w will be both the cheaper printer to buy and the cheaper one to own in the long run. Yet it will give you almost all of the same MFP features as the MC562w.

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