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Our parent company, OKI Electric was established in 1881 by Kibataro Oki and began life trading as Meikosha Ltd in a rented two storey office block in the heart of Tokyo. Its founder, a silversmith by trade, nurtured a burning passion for innovation and firmly believed Japan was on the verge of entering the communication age. Before passing away, at the age of 58, Oki-san had already paved the way for his company to become the first successful telecommunications manufacturer in Japan.

In addition to pioneering activity within telecommunications, OKI Electric quickly grew and began innovating in others areas of communication. The post Second World War period saw the development of ATM machines, teletypewriters and electronic computers. Faxes and connectivity advances followed later in the century before printing came to the fore, initially in the late 1970's and early 1980's, and then later with the introduction of LED.

OKI Corporate profile

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