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Info-telecom business


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December 8
OKI Launches Cloud Service "ExaaS™"
November 29
OKI Develops Ultra-compact Inter-vehicle Communications Attachment for Cars
October 21
OKI Delivers "Next Generation Automated Gate System" to Haneda International Airport
October 21
OKI Delivers Kiosk Terminal "SUKIT™" to Haneda Airport's New International Terminal
September 30
OKI Upgrades Features on "Visual Nexus®" Video Conferencing System
September 21
OKI Demonstrates OKI MediaServer in ITU-T's First IPTV Interoperability Test Event
September 9
OKI Launches "CTstage® Lite" Small-scale Alternative Package for the "CTstage® 5i" Call Center System
July 9
OKI Launches "TweetLine™@saigai" to Provide Timely, User-Friendly Information on Disasters and Evacuations
June 24
OKI Provides Source Code for SSF, an SIP Applications Development Framework, as Open Source Software for the JBoss Community
June 1
OKI Upgrades "COINServ-COSMOS-R/R", Information System for Chemical Substances in Products, to Comply with JGPSSI's Latest Survey Format (Ver. 4)
May 31
OKI Upgrades Next Generation Environmental Information Collection Service, "Web Sensing" to Comply with Revised Energy Conservation Law
May 20
OKI Launches "CC Navi™ for CTstage" Front-end Application Software to Support "CTstage®5i" Call Center System
May 19
OKI Launches "Mission-critical Systems Migration Support Services"
May 18
OKI's Becomes First Asia-based Vendor to Pass Test for European Central Bank's EC Council Regulation, Article 6
April 22
OKI Enhances Functions for its Call Center System "CTstage®5i"
March 18
OKI Delivers its Crossba® Social Networking Service to DIC
March 4
OKI Provides Private Cloud Installation and Support Service to Help Organizations Establish Their Own Cloud Computing Environments
February 22
OKI Networks and Kyushu University Successfully Stream Live High-Definition Video of Surgical Procedures to Overseas Recipients
February 2
OKI Delivers "Next Generation Automated Gate System" to Immigration Bureau, the Ministry of Justice
January 25
OKI Delivers Digital HD Compatible "High Definition Audio Visual Library Delivery System" to Okazaki City, Japan
  • *Information in the press releases is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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