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OKI Releases Issue 241 of the OKI Technical Review Featuring "OKI's Contributions toward Green Society and Environment"

TOKYO, August 9, 2023 -- OKI (TOKYO:6703) has released Issue 241 of the OKI Technical Review (*1). The theme of this special feature is "OKI's Contributions toward Green Society and Environment." Based on the OKI Group's recognition that the environment is both a social issue and business opportunity, we're promoting environmental management by reducing the CO2 emissions generated in our business activities and concurrently by creating and expanding our range of environmentally contributing products. This special feature introduces specific initiatives and the underlying concepts.

The OKI Group offers both OKI Eco Products—hardware products that achieve low-power consumption and resource saving (e.g., size and weight reduction)—and OKI Eco Solutions that are products and services to help solve environmental challenges like climate change mitigation and adaptation, resource recycling, and pollution prevention. OKI positioned these products and solutions as "OKI Environmentally Contributing Products" and make efforts to create and expand such products. Meanwhile, in September 2022, we revised the global warming prevention (decarbonization) targets of the OKI Environmental Vision 2030/2050 (*2) medium- to long-term environmental targets to be in line with the SBT (*3) criteria. We are now actively promoting measures to reduce the CO2 emissions generated in our business activities, such as by enforcing energy conservation and adopting renewable energy at our sites.

This special feature presents examples of OKI Environmentally Contributing Products and our research and development initiatives.

This issue includes the following sections:

  • Evaluation of Environmental Contribution in R&D Themes
  • Printer Technologies for Environmental Contribution - Introduction of C650 and B822/B842 Printers -
  • Vehicle Routing Optimization toward Green Logistics
  • XR Applications for Reducing Environmental Impact of Long Distance Travels


  • *1 :OKI Technical Review

    Technical journal published twice yearly to showcase the OKI Group technical development achievements and present the latest products in clear, easy-to-understand language

  • *2 :OKI Environmental Vision 2030/2050

    The OKI Group's medium- to long-term environmental targets published in 2019. The global warming prevention targets revised in 2022 are summarized as follows:
    ・ FY2030 targets: 42% reductions in CO2 emissions at OKI sites; 25% reductions in CO2 emissions generated at suppliers and in product use (compared to FY2020)
    ・ FY2050 targets: Net zero CO2 emissions at OKI sites; net zero power consumption for new products

  • *3 :SBT (science-based targets)

    Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in line with standards stipulated in the Paris Agreement

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