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OKI Restructures Supply Chain with Yamato Group to Strengthen Its ATM Business Foundations in China

Partnership applies OKI's package design technologies and Yamato Group B2B logistics know-how to the joint development of precision equipment transportation system for China

TOKYO, July 19, 2013 -- OKI, a leading telecommunications manufacturer with headquarters in Japan, and the Yamato Group, one of Japan's leading logistics companies, today announced the launch of a new transportation system that will distribute precision equipment, such as ATM maintenance parts, safely and precisely throughout China.

This follows a measure to restructure OKI's supply chain management (SCM), with the goal of strengthening its ATM business foundations in China. The new system will begin transporting materials in July between OKI's maintenance parts warehouse in Shenzhen City, Guangdong, and a maintenance site in Hebei. Having set a goal to reduce logistics costs for ATM maintenance parts in China by 30% over the next three years, OKI will expand the new transport system to serve all OKI maintenance sites throughout China and pursue further SCM restructuring.

The new transportation system combines strengths specific to the OKI and to the Yamato Group, including OKI's familiarity with logistics in China and with package design technologies and the Yamato Group's know-how in the area of total logistics management, including the selection of optimal distribution modes, distribution status control, and delivery status monitoring. In cooperation with OKI, the new B2B transportation system designed for precision equipment covers all of China and marks a first for the Yamato Group.

OKI began delivering ATMs to China in 2005 and has to date delivered more than 80,000 units. OKI's cash-recycling ATMs currently account for approximately 50% of this market, the leading market share. With ever-growing numbers of ATMs installed in China and continuing expansion into interior China, OKI needed to ensure a safe, secure, and effective transportation system and provide access to speedy repairs and supply systems for maintenance parts delivered to approximately 220 maintenance sites.

Established Yamato International Logistics Co., Ltd. in 2005, the Yamato Group has since expanded logistics sites in China. The company's accrued know-how in the Japanese parcel delivery business in the area of distribution control for small, fragile packages allows it to select optimal distribution networks in accordance with specific lead time, volume, and management requirements.

"Moving forward, OKI will explore using the new transportation system to gather repair parts from maintenance sites," says Shinya Ando, Executive Officer and President of OKI Banking Systems(Shenzhen). "Capitalizing on Yamato Group's cargo information tracking and transportation quality improvement, we plan to strengthen our maintenance and logistics system and in turn strengthen the competitiveness of our ATM business in China."

"The Yamato Group is delighted to enter into this partnership," says Hitoshi Kanamori, Executive Officer and President of Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd. "Based on today's achievements, we plan to build on our store of know-how concerning precision equipment transportation to expand our B2B logistics business in China."

The companies plan to begin research on supply chains in South East Asia, a region where OKI is currently expanding sales of its ATMs.

About OKI Electric Industry (OKI)

Founded in 1881, OKI Electric Industry is Japan's leading telecommunications manufacturer in the Info-telecom field. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, OKI provides top-quality products, technologies, and solutions to customers through its info-telecom systems, such as IP-PBX and call center systems, and printer operations. As a leader in ATMs, OKI holds the top share in the Japanese and Chinese cash-recycling ATM markets. Visit OKI's global website at http://www.oki.com/.

About Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1919, Yamato Holdings is Japan's leading company of small parcel delivery services for the general public and corporations centering on TA-Q-BIN and Kuroneko Mail. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Yamato Holdings forms the Yamato Group which provides Delivery, BIZ-Logistics and other services. Visit Yamato Holdings's website at http://www.yamato-hd.co.jp/english/.

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